2023-02-23: News Headlines

____ (2023-02-23). Nice Try, Plus Larry On China And Russia. smoothiex12.blogspot.com

____ (2023-02-23). China's largest land port sees robust trade via China-Europe freight train service. ecns.cn Manzhouli, China's largest land port, handled 4,818 China-Europe freight trains in 2022, up 37.6 percent year on year, according to data from the customs of Manzhouli in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

____ (2023-02-23). Most trapped in Inner Mongolia coal mine are drivers: insider. ecns.cn An insider of the Xinjing Coal Mining Company in Alxa League in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region said most people trapped in the coal mine collapse accident were drivers of dump trucks and excavators.

____ (2023-02-23). U.S. asked to stop Taiwan meddling. ecns.cn China has lodged solemn representations with the United States over Tuesday's meeting between the U.S. deputy secretary of state and the external affairs head of Taiwan island in Washington.

____ (2023-02-23). China sells L-15 trainer aircraft to UAE military. ecns.cn China has sold a number of its L-15 multirole military aircraft to the United Arab Emirates, according to Aviation Industry Corp of China, the country's main aircraft maker.

____ (2023-02-23). Ancient irrigation, flood control system unearthed in central China. ecns.cn A 5,000-year-old city in central China was found to have a water conservancy system that effectively utilized rivers for irrigation and prevented flooding with the use of dams, archaeologists have said.

____ (2023-02-23). Airports in Shanghai see strong rebound in passenger throughput. ecns.cn Two airports in the Chinese financial hub Shanghai saw marked increases in passenger throughput in January, thanks to China's optimized COVID response and entry-exit policies, the Shanghai Customs said Thursday.

____ (2023-02-23). U.S. urged to acknowledge, resolve the damage its abuse of force has done to China-U.S. relations: Chinese FM. ecns.cn We once again urge the U.S. side to demonstrate sincerity, rectify its wrongdoing, and acknowledge and resolve the damage its abuse of force has done to China-U.S. relations, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.

____ (2023-02-23). China will consider reciprocal measures on travelers from South Korea: FM spokesperson. ecns.cn China will take corresponding steps at an appropriate time for travelers from the Republic of Korea, said a spokesperson at the regular press conference in Beijing on Wednesday.

____ (2023-02-23). Senior Chinese diplomat meets Boeing executive. ecns.cn U.S. planemaker Boeing's top executive in China met with a senior Chinese diplomat on Wednesday in Beijing.

____ (2023-02-23). China, India vow to find solution for issues concerning western section of border. ecns.cn China and India have vowed to come up with a solution for issues concerning the western section of the China-India border based on a previously agreed consensus, officials from both countries said at the 26th meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on Border Affairs held in Beijing on Wednesday.

____ (2023-02-23). China launches inquiry system for Buddhist and Taoist clerical personnel. ecns.cn China's latest information inquiry system for Buddhist and Taoist clerical personnel was launched on Wednesday to regulate the management on clerical personnel and fight against fraud cases related to fake religious personnel.

____ (2023-02-23). Landslide halts rescue of over missing after China mine collapse. ecns.cn A massive landslide has halted search and rescue efforts at a collapsed coal mine which left 53 people missing in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local authorities said Thursday.

____ (2023-02-23). China unveils six most remarkable archaeological finds of 2022. ecns.cn Six historic sites dating back to the Paleolithic period at the earliest were listed as China's new archaeological discoveries of 2022 at a forum on Wednesday.

____ (2023-02-23). Kapok flowers blossom as red as fire. ecns.cn Kapok flowers blossom as red as fire in Changjiang Li Autonomous County, south China's Hainan Province, Feb. 22, 2023.

Nino Brown (2023-02-23). THIS SUNDAY: Events in D.C. and San Francisco to demand "Peace, Not War with China!" answercoalition.org The ANSWER Coalition urges its supports to attend the following events hosted by

____ (2023-02-23). Influenza A on the rise in Beijing but no cluster COVID infections found: official monitoring. ecns.cn Seasonal flu cases in Beijing from February 13-19 increased 91 percent from the previous week, but were lower than that of 2022 and previous pre-COVID years, while no cluster COVID infections were found.

____ (2023-02-23). Shouhuang Hall of Jingshan Park on central axis of Beijing. ecns.cn The Shouhuang Hall was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the current one dates back to emperors Qianlong (1711-99) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with a total area of 21,256 square meters.

____ (2023-02-23). Fifty-one workers missing after coal mine collapse. ecns.cn Fifty-one workers remain missing after an accident where an open-pit coal mine collapsed in Alshaa League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to local authorities.

____ (2023-02-23). At least four dead, five injured after coal mine collapses in Inner Mongolia. ecns.cn Rescue workers found nine people, including four who died, in the rubble of a collapsed coal mine in Alshaa League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to local authorities.

____ (2023-02-23). University teachers help students find jobs through livestreaming. ecns.cn Li Xiaoming, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics and Management at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, is introducing students' resumes to enterprises via livestream.

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