2020-12-13: News Headlines

The Lancet (2020-12-12). [Editorial] Facing up to long COVID. thelancet.com Multiorgan symptoms after COVID-19 are being reported by increasing numbers of patients. They range from cough and shortness of breath, to fatigue, headache, palpitations, chest pain, joint pain, physical limitations, depression, and insomnia, and affect people of varying ages. At the Lancet—Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences conference on Nov 23, Bin Cao presented data (in press at The Lancet) on the long-term consequences of COVID-19 for patients in Wuhan, and warned that dysfunctions and complications could persist in some discharged patients for at least 6 months.

_____ (2020-12-12). Now In Print And Available: 'Capitalism On A Ventilator'. popularresistance.org "Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S." is a new anthology contrasting the effective Chinese response to COVID-19 with the disastrous response here in the U.S. It pushes back against the racist anti-China campaign in the media. | Due to the growing hostility of the U.S. establishment toward China, and the accompanying surge in anti-Asian racism, it was an enormous challenge to find printers and distributors for this book. | The chapters include articles by many published authors, including: Ajamu Baraka, Monica Moorehead, Mumia Abu-Jamal…

Qiao Collective (2020-12-12). Qiao Collective on challenging U.S. aggression on China, the role of the Western left. mronline.org On the domestic front, the U.S. propaganda machine mostly works instead to position China as this great, menacing oriental Other. We've seen this during the COVID-19 pandemic in Trump's rhetoric about the "China virus" and in Biden's attempts at one-upmanship.

Sean Callebs (2020-12-12). The Heat: China Economic Strategy. america.cgtn.com Policy, pandemic and politics are on the agenda as Chinese leaders get set to meet to chart the way forward.

Ralph Nader (2020-12-12). Go Vote Yourself a Raise, Georgia—You've Long Earned It. commondreams.org Candidates should be pushed to say if they stand with the super-rich profiteering, callous Big Business tycoons or with the people who work for pitiful wages, on the rugged frontlines, and keep our society running. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/georgia_primary.jpg

Mehr News Agency (2020-12-12). Hainan Intl Film Fest to host "Bandar Band" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) — The Iranian film "Bandar Band" is scheduled to be screened at the Chinese Hainan International Film Festival in the current month.

Workers World Party (2020-12-11). PDF of December 10 issue. workers.org Download the 12-page PDF. Capitalist COVID catastrophe FIGHT or DIE! Message from Peltier; Reparations now! Justice for Breonna denied again; Disability rights; Workers demand justice; DEA surveillance; Editorial: New president — same wars; Commentary: Becoming a cadre; GLOBAL: China: global vaccines, science; India: worker & farmer uprising; Cuba; France; Palestine; Venezuela. . . . |

A Guest Author (2020-12-11). Now in print and available:'Capitalism on a ventilator: The Impact of Covid-19 in China & the U.S.'. workers.org "Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S." is a new anthology contrasting the effective Chinese response to COVID-19 with the disastrous response here in the U.S. It pushes back against the racist anti-China campaign in the media. Due to the growing hostility of the . . . |

Andrew Korybko (2020-12-11). The Future of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the "Dual Circulation Era" globalresearch.ca China's new development paradigm of dual circulation is not a repudiation of its prior BRI-driven model of globalization, but is actually complementary to it. Observers shouldn't forget that many of the hundreds of billions of dollars of BRI-related loans are …

Mike Kinney (2020-12-11). Tibetan Delek Children's Foundation: Helping Poor Kids in the Himalayan Mountains. indybay.org Delek Children's Foundation helps with healthcare & education to the poor children in the isolated villages of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Indian in the Himalayan Mountains…

Sharon Brettkelly (2020-12-11). "Five Eyes Spy" Agreement Threatens New Zealand's Independence and Relationship with China? asia-pacificresearch.com

Dennis Argall (2020-12-11). The Approaching Crunch in US Policy Towards China. globalresearch.ca The Republican and Democrat leaders of the US Senate Intelligence Committee have issued a joint statement of intense hostility towards China. This posture is a threat to Australia's national security… and the world. An attempt to tear China down will …

Joan Walsh (2020-12-11). Is It Really Terry McAuliffe's Turn in Virginia—Again? thenation.com Is It Really Terry McAuliffe's Turn in Virginia—Again?

Tony Kevin (2020-12-11). How Australia Sabotaged Its Own Interests in Relations with China. asia-pacificresearch.com

WSWS (2020-12-10). Australian law rushed through to veto agreements with China. wsws.org The passage of the legislation marks another escalation in the Australian ruling elite's alignment behind the US confrontation with Beijing, despite China being Australia's largest export market.

RT (2020-12-10). President FIRST to be vaxxed: Argentina signs deal for 10 million doses of Russia's pioneering 'Sputnik V' anti-Covid vaccine. rt.com Argentina is the latest country to order a large batch of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine to tackle the coronavirus. Buenos Aires is getting 10 million doses of the drug after signing a contract with Russian Direct Investment Fund. | RDIF, which finances the development of Sputnik V, announced the deal on Thursday. The vaccine for Argentina is going to be produced by the fund's international partners in India, China, South Korea and other countries. | The contract would allow the South American nation, which has seen some 1,480,000 Covid-19 cases and more than 40,000 deaths, to "secure a diversified portfolio of va…

Eds. (2020-12-10). Australia sabotaged its own interests in China relations. mronline.org The destruction over the past five years of Australia's mutually beneficial diplomatic and trade relationship with China was probably a successful "Five Eyes" information warfare operation, writes Tony Kevin.

Matthew Ehret-Kump (2020-12-10). Why Modi's "Green Response" to China's "Belt and Road" Is Doomed to Fail. asia-pacificresearch.com

Pepe Escobar (2020-12-10). US Hits "Search and Destroy" Against China's New Silk Roads. globalresearch.ca This article was originally published on Seven years after being launched by President Xi Jinping, first in Astana and then in Jakarta, the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) increasingly drive the American …

imperial.ac.uk (2020-12-10). Nuclear scientist awarded prestigious Schwarzman scholarship to study in China. imperial.ac.uk An Imperial physics graduate has been awarded a prestigious Schwarzman scholarship to study in China next year.