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Wuhan Labs, Zionism, Rapture And The British Creation Of Synthetic Cults: Why China Is Not Your Enemy!
Anonymous103 | southfront.org | 2021-05-19
Submitted by Matthew Ehret. The belief that China is to blame for the world's ills from Covid-19 to the Great…

Economics of the new cold war and U.S. 'super imperialism' with economist Michael Hudson
Ben Norton | mronline.org | 2021-05-19
The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton interview world-renowned economist Michael Hudson on his concept of American "super imperialism" and the economics of the new cold war on China and Russia. | May 19, 2021…

As China pursues a green future, Bitcoin miners feel the squeeze
Eds. | mronline.org | 2021-05-19
Chinese cryptocurrency businesses mine two-thirds of all Bitcoin. But for how long will they remain welcome in the country? | May 19, 2021 | Newswire…

Hot Tip for the NYT on Vaccines
Dean Baker | zcomm.org | 2021-05-19
There Are These Two Countries Called Russia and China…

The Heat: China-U.S. relations
Anand Naidoo | america.cgtn.com | 2021-05-19
Tensions between China and the U.S. are still running high, even with a new president in the White House.

The Pentagon Inflates the Chinese Nuclear Threat in a Push for New Intercontinental Missiles
Michael T. Klare | thenation.com | 2021-05-19
The Pentagon Inflates the Chinese Nuclear Threat in a Push for New Intercontinental Missiles…

The Washington Post and the lie of Uyghur genocide
wsws.org | 2021-05-19
The Washington Post editorial seizes on two slanted and tendentious reports purporting to show declining Uyghur birth rates, along with a false reading of the 1948 Convention on Genocide, to support its lie.

US Must Take Responsibility in Palestinian Issue, China Says
telesurenglish.net | 2021-05-18
China on Tuesday urged the United States to shoulder its due responsibility on the Palestine-Israel conflict and support the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to play its due role in promoting the easing of the situation, rebuilding trust, and political settlement. | RELATED: | Palestinians Observe General Strike in the West Bank | On Sunday, the U.S. blocked attempts for the third time at the UNSC to pass a joint resolution condemning the violent escalation of the Palestine-Israel…

Egypt, Jordan Make Diplomatic Contacts to Stop Violence in Gaza
telesurenglish.net | 2021-05-18
Egypt's President Abdelfatah Al Sisi and Jordan's King Abdullah II held meetings with France's President Emmanuel Macron to find a solution to the increasing violence in Gaza, where 213 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli attacks. | RELATED: | US Must Take Responsibility in Palestinian Issue, China Says | During his official visit to France on Monday, Al Sisi said his country will continue to do everything possible to stop the escalation of violence by intensifying conta…

Venezuela Receives 25 Tons of Medical Supplies from China
slorinoco | orinocotribune.com | 2021-05-18
Some 25 tons of medical supplies from China arrived in Venezuela as part of the air bridge established between the two countries to combat and treat COVID-19, reported Venezuelan Health Minister Carlos Alvarado this Monday, May 17. | He emphasized that this air bridge between both nations reaffirms the strong bond of friendship that exists between China and Venezuela. | #UltimoMinuto | | Arriban a Venezuela insumos médicos provenientes de China, como parte del puente aéreo establecido entre ambas naciones para combatir la pandemia…

Mexico Considers Relaxing Border Measures From June 22
telesurenglish.net | 2021-05-18
Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard confirmed that his country and the U.S. are considering more flexible measures for non-essential land border crossings from June 22 as the COVID-19 vaccination advances in both countries. | RELATED: | AMLO Thanks China For Helping Mexico During The Pandemic | "Mexico and the United States are in discussions to relax from June 22 the restrictions on border crossings based on indices on the spread of COVID-19 and the number of vaccines applie…

For Okinawa, Rahm Would Be a Knee on the Neck
David Swanson | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-18
If you don't know much about Japan (and neither does Rahm Emanuel, the reported nominee for U.S. ambassador) a few relevant facts are these: 1) It's right next to China which much of the U.S. government is eager for some sort of fight with. 2) Its Constitution (imposed by the U.S.) bans war, and the…

Biden trata de ganar a China el juego del Gran Poder Global
Alberto Betancourt Posada | globalizacion.ca | 2021-05-18
China nos está pisando los talones, dijo Joseph Robinet Biden, presidente de EU, ante el US Congress, el pasado 29 de abril. Nos encontramos en un punto de inflexión y tenemos que hacer algo, aseveró. øQué estrategia sigue el actual…

Justice is Global Joins 65 Orgs: Cold War with China is a Dangerous and Self-Defeating Strategy
commondreams.org | 2021-05-18

Hot Tip for the NYT on Vaccines: There are These Two Countries Called Russia and China
Dean Baker | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-18
I realize that it's hard for reporters at the country's leading newspaper to stay on top of the news, but this major piece (four reporters) on vaccinating the world should get a Pulitzer for ignorance. The topic of the piece is vaccinating the world, which should be number one on any serious person's list of…

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