2021-08-17: News Headlines

Staff (2021-08-17). 'Hurried' withdrawal of US forces created more problems in Afghanistan, China says, calling Washington 'irresponsible'. rt.com Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that the hastened pullout of US forces exacerbated the situation in Afghanistan and should serve as a lesson that attempts to impose "foreign models" on other countries end badly. | The dramatic developments in Afghanistan have "once again proven that it's difficult to gain a foothold by mechanically applying foreign models to countries with completely different history, culture, and national traditions," Wang was quoted by the Chinese media as saying. | "Using force and military means to resolve problems will just increase them. The lessons learned from this deserve s…

TASS (2021-08-17). Russia, China can moderate crash landing of 'puppet Afghan government,' expert says. tass.com According to the professor of international law at the University of Illinois, "Russia and China are doing their best to moderate the situation"

ecns.cn (2021-08-17). COVID-19 origin-tracing controversies aim to "divert attention" from China's success, expert says. ecns.cn Controversy around tracing the origins of COVID-19 "seems like a concerted effort by American political and media elites to divert attention from the amazing job China did in managing the initial outbreak," according to one professor.

Zero Hedge (2021-08-17). China Dumped US Treasuries for 4th Straight Month, Most Since 2016. globalresearch.ca

Sara Flounders (2021-08-17). A diferencia de Gates, China comparte vacunas y tecnología con el mundo. workers.org En un sorprendente anuncio realizado el 5 de agosto, el Presidente de China, Xi Jinping, informó al Primer Foro Internacional de Cooperación en Materia de Vacunas COVID-19 de la donación por parte del país de 2.000 millones de dosis de vacunas COVID-19 a países en desarrollo y pobres en los . . . |

Sandipan Talukdar (2021-08-17). The first coins were minted in China, suggests new research. peoplesdispatch.org It has long been thought that coin minting — the process of coin manufacturing which includes the stampings on them — first began in Turkey or Greece. However, this has been challenged by recent findings, which suggest that coin minting may have begun in China. The findings have been published in the journal

Tony Murphy (2021-08-17). Buffet's Business Wire censors China book. workers.org Billionaire Warren Buffet's public relations company, Business Wire, has refused to distribute a press release announcing the publication in China of a U.S. book that compares the responses to COVID by capitalist and socialist governments. The headline of the press release referred to the fact that the book, "Capitalism on . . . |

AT Contributor (2021-08-17). Google, Facebook bypass China with undersea cable. asiatimes.com Google and Facebook on Monday unveiled plans for a new undersea internet cable connecting Singapore, Japan, Guam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. Google and Facebook earlier this year had halted efforts on a planned undersea cable that would have connected California and Hong Kong, due to tensions between the United States and China. The newly …

Anonymous007 (2021-08-17). China Warns Taiwan Not To Rely On U.S., Holds Live Fire Maritime Drills. southfront.org On August 17th, China held live fire maritime drills near Taiwan in response to "provocations". | The reason for the "assault drills", according to Beijin was an "external interference and provocations by Taiwan independence forces". | According to a statement from Col Shi Yi, the spokesperson of the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command, warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter planes were dispatched to the south-west and south-east of Taiwan on August 17th. | In response, Taiwan's defense ministry said: "The nation's military has a full grasp and has made a full assessment of the situa…

Labor Video Project (2021-08-17). Rehire Namibian Mine Union Leaders & Hands Off Lawyer Beukes! Rally At SF China Consulate. indybay.org A rally was held on 8/13/21 at the San Francisco Chinese consulate to demand the rehiring of the 9 dismissed leaders of the Miners Union of Namibia Rossing Branch. Their employers is the state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation.

Tom Clifford (2021-08-16). Afghanistan: To be Integrated into China's "Belt and Road" globalresearch.ca

Rick Rozoff (2021-08-16). How will U.S. retreat from Afghanistan affect Taiwan (and Ukraine)? antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Today the Global Times of China ran three op-ed pieces on the retreat of the U.S. from Afghanistan's effect on Taiwan. A parallel case could be made with Ukraine. Using Afghanistan as a guide, will US treatment of Taiwan island be any different?Franz GaylThe author is a retired Marine Corps infantry officer who now serves …

Staff (2021-08-16). Journalist Ahmed Rashid on the Taliban's Return to Power & What Comes Next for Afghanistan. democracynow.org As the Taliban says it will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after seizing control of the country, we discuss their history with award-winning journalist Ahmed Rashid, author of several books, including "Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia." "These militants have become very well integrated into Afghan society and into Taliban society," Rashid notes, and if the U.S. wants to capture them, "it's going to be extremely difficult." Rashid also looks at the Taliban's relationship with China, history of human rights abuses against women and whether they will be allowed to cont…

Dee Knight (2021-08-16). Does China's Rise Really Threaten the U.S., Or Just Its Sociopathic Power Elite, Who Want to Keep Ruling the World Even if It Drags Us into WW III? globalresearch.ca

Shuzhen Zhao, Dongzhen Jin, Shengyao Wang, Yanping Xu, Huihui Li, Yujie Chang, Yange Ma, Yixi Xu, Chengnan Guo, Fang Peng, Ruogu Huang, Mengyuan Lai, Zhezheng Xia, Mingzhu Che, Jingjing Zuo, Depeng Jiang, Chao Zheng, Guangyun Mao (2021-08-16). [Research Paper] Serum ω-6/ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ratio and diabetic retinopathy: A propensity score matching based case-control study in China. thelancet.com Our results suggest that serum PUAFR is inversely associated with DR. Although PUFAR-alteration is not observed amongst different stages of DR, it can serve as an ideal biomarker in distinguishing patients with DR from those without DR.

willet (2021-08-16). The US continues to obstruct China. indybay.org The United States has again demonstrated its willingness to tighten the approach towards Beijing in the economic sphere.

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