2021-09-23: News Headlines

ecns.cn (2021-09-23). Chinese envoy regrets absence of U.S., other Western countries at UN anti-racism meeting. ecns.cn Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, on Wednesday regretted the absence of the United States and some other Western countries from an important UN anti-racism meeting.

New Atlas (2021-09-23). De-Listed Anti-China Terror Group "Rises from the Dead" newatlas.report September 23, 2021 (Brian Berletic — NEO) — Suspicions were raised when in late 2020 the US de-listed as a terrorist organization the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), sometimes referred to as the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP). This was because the US had claimed as its rationale that the ETIM/TIP had not been active for over …

ecns.cn (2021-09-23). China expresses grave concern over U.S.-UK-Australia nuclear submarine cooperation. ecns.cn China on Wednesday expressed grave concern over the cooperation between the United States, the UK and Australia on nuclear submarines, stating that it deliberately escalates regional tensions.

Koohan Paik-Mander (2021-09-23). Meet the Biden Advisor Who Wants a Cold War with China. counterpunch.org As a longtime Hawaii resident, I have always wondered how the former President of the United States, Grover Cleveland, was so ineffective when it came to foreign policy matters. His efforts to right the wrong of the unauthorized armed invasion and imprisonment of the last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen Lili ªuokalani, in 1893

Editor (2021-09-23). Rooftop solar to roll out on China's public buildings. mronline.org The latest county-level trials could boost rooftop solar power generation over the next five years but new business models are needed to make them successful.

WSWS (2021-09-23). Biden, Macron pledge to meet amid mounting US-EU conflicts over China. wsws.org EU officials criticized Washington's signing of the anti-Chinese AUKUS alliance and the canceling of a Franco-Australian submarine contract.

Danny Haiphong (2021-09-23). The Revenge of White Colonialism Motivates the AUKUS Alliance Against China. asia-pacificresearch.com

Staff (2021-09-23). United States of War: How AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal Could Inflame Tension, Provoke War with China. democracynow.org Criticism is growing of AUKUS, a new trilateral military partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States that the countries say is needed to counter China's growing power in the Indo-Pacific region. As part of the agreement, the U.S. has agreed to help Australia build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines, replacing a previous deal Australia had with France. China has denounced the deal, saying the countries are "severely damaging regional peace and stability, intensifying an arms race, and damaging international nuclear non-proliferation efforts." Anthropologist David Vine, who tracks U.S…

Sun Lung (2021-09-23). Another US attempt to discredit China. indybay.org In July 2021 the Biden's administration once again criticized the Chinese leadership. This time China was charged with organizing illegal activities in cyberspace which, for its part, creates a serious threat to the US national security.

Dave DeCamp (2021-09-23). China's Ambassador Says Continued 'Confrontation' By US Hinders Cooperation. news.antiwar.com China's new ambassador to the US on Wednesday "Competition on the US side often takes the form of confrontation, especially on major issues concerning China's core interests," Ambassador Qin Gang told a virtual event hosted by the George HW Bush China Foundation and the Carter Center. "If this does not change, it will undermine China's efforts to promote our mutual trust and cooperation." | Qin, who took…

WSWS (2021-09-23). Scientists find new evidence of the natural origins of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. wsws.org The discovery by an international team of scientists further discredits the claims, promoted by the corporate media and the Trump and Biden administrations, that the pandemic originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Vijay Prashad (2021-09-22). Clear away the hype: the US and Australia signed a nuclear arms deal, simple as that. peoplesdispatch.org The AUKUS despite being coined a security partnership, is a nuclear arms deal aimed at increasing pressure against China and should be cause for concern…

ecns.cn (2021-09-22). New trends tell where China-U.S. cooperation is heading. ecns.cn Despite trade frictions over the past few years and constant calls for "decoupling with China" from some U.S. officials, new trends emerging in Sino-U.S. economic and trade development show where momentum really lies for the world's two biggest economies.

_____ (2021-09-22). Racism Denies Common Prosperity In The United States. popularresistance.org Mainstream U.S. media frequently depicts China as a "closed off" country that treats ethnic minorities with contempt and oppression. The New York Times took this baseless accusation further in an op-ed published on September 9 that claimed China was closing itself off from the world and rejecting the English language. No verifiable proof was offered beyond reforms to the education system that seek to address economic and social stressors faced by Chinese families. | The op-ed argued that China's decision to place tighter regulations on its private tutoring and examination process is a sign that the country is clo…

ecns.cn (2021-09-22). China to continue to bring world new opportunities through its new development: Xi. ecns.cn China will continue to bring the world new opportunities through its new development, said Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday.

_____ (2021-09-22). NY Times Advises China On Covid-19: Abandon Success, Try Failure. popularresistance.org The recent outbreak of the Delta variant in China "shows that its strategy no longer fits. It is time for China to change tack." | So declared a lead essay atop the New York Times Opinion/Editorial section on Sept. 7 by Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. | The Delta outbreak that "changed the game" in Huang's words emerged after an outbreak at Nanjing international airport in July traced to a flight from Russia. Did this outbreak change anything in fact? | Let's do the numbers. | Let's do something that Huang did not; let's look at the numbers from July 1 until Sept. 7 the date o…

ecns.cn (2021-09-22). High hopes voiced for green future. ecns.cn He described China's plan to achieve carbon neutrality from its emissions peak in just 30 years as the shortest in the world, compared with 70 years for the EU and 45 years for the US.

Brian Berletic (2021-09-22). AUKUS vs China: Inching Toward War. asia-pacificresearch.com

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies (2021-09-22). US militarism's toxic impact on climate policy. nationofchange.org That will require the United States to seriously reduce the military budget and commit to peaceful, practical diplomacy with China and Russia.

Raúl Zibechi (2021-09-22). Estados Unidos ya siente miedo ante China. globalizacion.ca El editor en jefe del Global Times, diario oficialista chino, Hu Xijin, escribe: "Solo podemos hablar con Estados Unidos con fuerza y acciones. (…) Mi conclusión es que la fuerte fuerza militar, especialmente la nuclear estratégica, ha hecho que Estados…

WSWS (2021-09-22). China's Evergrande set to default on debt payment. wsws.org Financial markets have priced in the prospect of payment as unlikely with one of its bonds trading at less than 30 percent of its face value.

_____ (2021-09-22). End the Pentagon's New Anti-China Slush Fund and Reinvest in Our Communities Instead. commondreams.org "Every day that goes by, another roughly 10,000 people are lost to this disease—what are governments with the power to change this horrific statistic waiting for?"

_____ (2021-09-22). The First World War, Cecile Rhodes & Anglo-Saxon Power. strategic-culture.org David William Pear says the era in which the British Empire set out to destroy Germany in 1902 — leading the way to World War I — is frighteningly similar to that of today's U.S. hostility to the rising of China and Russia. | In the wake of the new U.S.-U.K.-Australia defense pact, driven by the

_____ (2021-09-22). 'Huge Step Forward': China Applauded for Pledge to Stop Building Overseas Coal Plants. commondreams.org One Democratic U.S. congressman called the move "a complete slap in the face to the families of the more than 50,000 Floridians who have died from Covid."

Pip Hinman (2021-09-22). Australia's New Anti-China Alliance. asia-pacificresearch.com

sputniknews (2021-09-22). Chinese Covid Vaccines Reach 100 Nations, But WHO Warns Africa Still Short 470 Million Shots in 2021. sputniknews.com Unique among industrial nations, China has vaccinated more than 1 billion of its citizens against COVID-19 while exporting even more shots. While its vaccines are not as technically advanced as those made by Western pharmaceutical firms, they have been many nations' only source of protection from the pandemic.

WSWS (2021-09-22). New Zealand PM "pleased to see" AUKUS military pact. wsws.org New Zealand is not part of the recently announced military pact between the US, Britain and Australia targeting China, but Prime Minister Ardern welcomed their aggressive engagement in the Pacific region.

Anonymous103 (2021-09-22). The Global Gateway's Challenge Against China's BRI Will Fail If EU Insists On Imposing Their "Values" southfront.org The EU's Global Gateway cannot financially compete with the multitrillion dollar BRI project Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst….

Rick Rozoff (2021-09-22). Large majority of Europeans believe in new Cold War with Russia, China. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Majority of Europeans believe in new cold war with Russia, China: Survey The majority of European citizens believe that a new cold war is going on with Russia and China, a new study revealed on Wednesday. According to the survey of the pan-European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations, 62% of Europeans feel that …

WSWS (2021-09-22). Biden proclaims "new era" of human rights imperialism at UN. wsws.org As the White House presides over a massive nuclear buildup targeting China, Biden told the UN that America would rededicate itself to the preservation of "human rights" and "global cooperation."

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