2021-11-28: News Headlines

TASS (2021-11-27). Russia, China call for coexistence of countries with different ideologies – envoys. tass.com "Faced with an array of global challenges, countries urgently need to strengthen coordination and cooperation for common progress," the article says…

Dongsheng News (2021-11-27). News on China | No. 77. dissidentvoice.org In this week's News on China in 2 minutes: economic changes in China; increased share of the wealth pie garnered by the richest 10%; curbing groundwater exploitation; Chinese entertainment achieving international popularity.

Fabian Van Onzen (2021-11-27). 'Karl Radek on China: Documents from the Former Secret Soviet Archives' — a review. mronline.org Sometimes, the greatest theoretical works come to us in the form of lectures rather than systemic books. This is the case with Karl Radek, whose lectures on the Chinese Revolution have recently been published by the Historical Materialism book series.

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