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2023-11-29: News Headlines

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Expo shines spotlight on supply chains. ecns.cn China's active support for global supply chain cooperation will help both domestic and foreign businesses accelerate digital and green transformation, effectively spurring innovation and fostering collaborations among a wide range of stakeholders.

D. Raghunandan (2023-11-29). The dark side of SpaceX's flight of innovation. peoplesdispatch.org The massive Starship superheavy lift launch vehicle by Elon Musk's SpaceX company took off on its second test flight on November 18. | The largest and most powerful launcher ever built weighs 5,000 tonnes and can carry payloads of 100-150 tonnes. The launcher is a two-stage vehicle comprising the booster and the spaceship atop, both stages powered by SpaceX's own Raptor engine, 33 of which power the booster. | Starship itself is highly innovative and intended to be fully reusable to sharply reduce launch costs, a cornerstone of Musk's vision for earth-orbital and inter-planetary missions. | Starship, intended…

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Xi'an city counts 20,897 China-Europe freight train runs since 2013. ecns.cn The China-European freight train (Xi'an) has experienced a consistent uptick in volume each year since its maiden run in 2013.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Sizzling growth in catering segment powers recovery of consumption. ecns.cn With the January-September sales revenue of China's catering segment growing by nearly 19 percent year-on-year to 3.7 trillion yuan ($517.2 billion).

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Scientist hails accuracy of satellite data. ecns.cn The Macao Science Satellite 1 network, China's leading space-based geomagnetic monitoring system, has achieved remarkable feats and attracted scientists from around the world, according to a top member of the program.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). China updates train ticket purchasing for foreigners. ecns.cn China has recently optimized its train ticket purchasing and checking services for international travelers, the China State Railway Group Co said on Tuesday.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Chinese IT engineer caught in foreign espionage plot. ecns.cn China's Ministry of State Security has warned the public about foreign espionage activities under the guise of safety protocol testing, following the case of an IT engineer who was hired by a foreign intelligence agency to deploy malware onto China's military and high-tech companies.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Japanese vessels illegally enter territorial waters off Diaoyu Islands. ecns.cn China Coast Guard said that it had expelled multiple Japanese vessels that illegally entered the territorial waters off the Diaoyu Islands.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). WTO event may see nation championing trading system reform. ecns.cn China is expected to play an important role in promoting reforms at the World Trade Organization and ensuring practical outcomes at the multilateral trade body's 13th Ministerial Conference next year.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). Court doubles down against domestic abuse. ecns.cn China's top court has reiterated its pledge to resolutely crack down on domestic violence, whether it is physical or mental, and to protect its victims.

ecns.cn (2023-11-29). University opens course to improve parenting skills. ecns.cn To help parents be better parents in today's fast-evolving society, East China Normal University in Shanghai has launched a "mini-major" in family education.

WSWS (2023-11-29). Heightened US-China tensions impact Taiwan's presidential election campaign. wsws.org Next year's election has taken on global significance as the Biden administration, following on from Trump, has deliberately transformed Taiwan into a dangerous flashpoint for war with China.

WSWS (2023-11-29). South Korean president visits Europe to promote US-led war drive against China. wsws.org Yoon's trip points to the integration of European imperialist powers into the web of military alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific to prepare for conflict with Beijing.

presstv.ir (2023-11-29). Crowds pack China's Beijing hospital after respiratory illness surge. presstv.ir Eyewitness footage showed an overcrowded waiting area at the Beijing Children's Hospital.

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