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2020-10-05: News Headlines

sputniknews (2020-10-04). Japan's Companies Reportedly Strive for US Approval to Conduct Business With Huawei. sputniknews.com Earlier, the US restricted foreign companies from selling chips to China's Huawei if they use American tech due to national security concerns. It is believed that these restrictions can still be avoided if a necessary license is obtained — however, so far Washington has been reluctant to provide international chipmakers with consent.

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2020-10-03). China Changes Its Economic Strategy: Strengthens Domestic Consumer Market. globalresearch.ca China is radically changing its economic strategy. Faced with an international scenario that only tends to worsen with an unprecedented economic crisis approaching in the midst of a devastating pandemic, Beijing decided to adopt an economic internalization plan, seeking to …

Lei-Yun Wang, Jia-Jia Cui, Qian-Ying Ouyang, Yan Zhan, Cheng-Xian Guo, Ji-Ye Yin (2020-10-03). [Correspondence] Remdesivir and COVID-19. thelancet.com In a Chinese clinical trial by Yeming Wang and colleagues,1 remdesivird did not show significant benefits for patients with severe COVID-19. Shortly after their study was published, remdesivir was authorised in the USA by the US Food & Drug Administration2 and approved in Japan3 for patients with severe COVID-19 on the basis of preliminary phase 3 trial results.4 We find it puzzling that the discrepancy of results between China and the USA is merely justified by different study designs.

_____ (2020-10-03). The China And Africa Connection US Imperialism Does Not Want You To Know About. popularresistance.org We have a monumental problem on our hands. The issue of the U.S.' policy of Full-spectrum Dominance is one that is connected to a host of contradictions afflicting the U.S. imperial order at this time. For nearly a decade, U.S. military power has made an enormous strategic shift to both the Asia Pacific and to Africa. At the center of the transition is the growth of China as an economic world power and the decline of the U.S. as a global hegemon. | China has much to offer Africa and the Global South at this time. China shares a common history of colonialism and imperialist humiliation with Africa.

Raymond Tyler (2020-10-03). Ren Zhiqiang was not arrested for 'anti-communism'. workers.org When influential, former property executive Ren Zhiqiang was given an 18-year sentence in China, the Western media were quick to label his imprisonment as due to alleged "anti-communist" activity. The Washington Post, CNN, the Guardian, and the New York Times parroted the same message: that Zhiqiang was imprisoned for being . . . |

WSWS (2020-10-03). Chinese students support historian Joseph Scalice against Stalinist slanders. wsws.org We urge our readers, including in China, to come to the defence of Dr. Scalice, including by sending statements of support to the WSWS opposing the slanderous attack on him by the CPP and sharing his lecture widely.

_____ (2020-10-02). 2021 — As China's Golden Ox Rises the U.S. Bald Eagle Will Crash. strategic-culture.org Egon von GREYERZ | The Chinese understand the long game and they have infinite patience. They have always known that they never needed to attack the US, financially or militarily. Because China has invariably understood that the US would self-destruct. | POLITICS AND PRINCES DON'T MIX: | The Duchess of Sussex who has dragged her poor husband, Prince Harry, into the US election has declared that this will be the most important election in history. She will most probably be right but for the wrong reason. Meghan Markle believes a Biden victory is the only way that the US can be saved, primarily because sh…

Lin Liangduo (2020-10-02). China's Message to Donald: What Do You Want from Us? globalresearch.ca Translated from Chinese for Global Research; first published in January 2020. | Enough is enough. Enough hypocrisy for this one world. | What do you want from us, anyway? What Do You Really Want from Us? | When we were the sick man …

_____ (2020-10-02). Why Is the British Press Sexing Up Stories on Hezbollah, Iran and China? strategic-culture.org

sputniknews (2020-10-02). Pompeo Says Confident Croatia, European Countries Will Keep China Away From 5G Networks. sputniknews.com WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed confidence after meeting Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic that Croatia and other European countries will act to prevent China from accessing their citizens' private data via 5G networks.

Mehr News Agency (2020-10-01). Iran ready to coop. with China on COVID-19 vaccine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani felicitated the Chinese National Day and expressed readiness for increased cooperation with Beijing, especially in producing the COVID-19 vaccine.

RT (2020-10-01). Russia's FSB detains Siberian nuclear scientist suspected of passing classified technologies & state secrets to China. rt.com A Russian physicist is being accused of divulging state secrets, after conducting research at a physics lab in China. He couldn't return to his work there due to Covid rules and had recently been working at Tomsk State University. | The Urals-based news site Znak identified the suspect as 64-year-old nuclear physicist Alexander Lukanin. Znak reported that Lukanin was arrested for disclosing classified information belonging to the Russian government, but there has been no official confirmation of this. The outlet also reported that the scientist is currently in a pre-trial detention centre, and that the FSB has…

Eds. (2020-10-01). The key to Viet Nam's successful COVID-19 response. mronline.org There were less than 400 cases of infection across the country during that period, most of them imported, and zero deaths, a remarkable accomplishment considering the country's population of 96 million people and the fact that it shares a 1,450 km land border with China.