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2020-10-20: News Headlines

yenisafak (2020-10-20). 'China's potential vaccines show no adverse reaction'. yenisafak.com China claimed on Tuesday that its experimental vaccines for protection against COVID-19 have shown "no adverse reaction." "So far, none of those who have received the 'emergency use' vaccine have shown severe adverse reactions," Zheng Zhongwei, a top official at China's National Health Commission, was quoted as saying by the state-run Global Times newspaper.Pharma giants in many countries have resisted the idea of taking a shortcut in rolling out an antigen for the novel virus.China and Russia, however, have started vaccinating a select group of people with experimental shots, prompting a debate on risks of admin…

Andrew Korybko (2020-10-20). The Expiry of The Iranian Arms Embargo. globalresearch.ca The 13-year-long anti-Iranian arms embargo expired on the 18th of October, which creates opportunities for the Islamic Republic to strengthen its national defense capabilities and cultivate even deeper relations with its top strategic partners such as China and Russia, possibly …

Kim Petersen (2020-10-20). The Communist Party of China: Putting the People First. dissidentvoice.org Wherever we lift one soul from a life of poverty, we are defending human rights. And whenever we fail in this mission, we are failing human rights. — Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General Among other items "proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people," the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights …

Carol Polsgrove (2020-10-20). Nuclear War Makes a Comeback. counterpunch.org On websites where policy makers, scholars, and military leaders gather, concern about the possibility of nuclear war has been rising sharply in recent months as China, the United States, and Russia develop new weapons and new ways of using old ones. On War on the Rocks, an online platform for national security articles and podcasts,

Anand Naidoo (2020-10-20). The Heat: China's economy. america.cgtn.com China's economy is surging ahead. We will take a look at the numbers and how China's experience can drive the world's recovery.

Mehr News Agency (2020-10-20). End of Iran arms embargo should be implemented: China. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Referring to Washington's obstruction of arms deals with Iran, Permanent Mission of China in Vienna said that the end of Iran arms embargo should be faithfully implemented.

Dean Baker (2020-10-19). Waiting for a Vaccine and the Collaborative Research Alternative. counterpunch.org It seems increasingly likely that China will begin providing vaccines to its own people, as well as those in some other countries, by December, and possibly as early as next month. The prospect of a vaccine being available that soon has to look good to people here, now that the Trump administration's pandemic control efforts

Asharq Al-Awsat (2020-10-19). China Fires Health Officials after New COVID-19 Outbreak. globalresearch.ca A hospital president and the director of the health commission in the northern Chinese city of Qingdao have been fired after China's latest coronavirus outbreak, authorities said Thursday. | A brief notice on the Qingdao city government's official microblog Thursday said …

Andrew Korybko (2020-10-19). The Expiration Of The Iranian Arms Embargo Opens Up Exciting Opportunities. thealtworld.com The 13-year-long anti-Iranian arms embargo expired on Sunday, which creates exciting opportunities for the Islamic Republic to strengthen its national defense capabilities and cultivate even deeper relations with its top strategic partners such as China and Russia, possibly even playing them off against one another in a "friendly competition" so as to derive the greatest benefit. | The End Of The Embargo | The US is enraged that the UN let the 13-year-long anti-Iranian arms embargo

RT (2020-10-19). Wikipedia says Hunter Biden scandal 'DEBUNKED', as editing war rages & new page emerges calling it a 'conspiracy'. rt.com Allegations of corruption against ex-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have apparently been "debunked" and are merely a "conspiracy theory" according to Wikipedia, where editors are battling over the terms. | Hunter Biden was the subject of an explosive report last week as the New York Post published emails alleging that he involved his father in dodgy business dealings in Ukraine and China. | While the story is still unfolding, the Wikipedia page for Hunter Biden simply

MEE staff (2020-10-19). UK parliament to probe reports UAE 'torture' chief could become head of Interpol. middleeasteye.net UK parliament to probe reports UAE 'torture' chief could become head of Interpol | Inquiry will hear that the global police organisation is open to manipulation by 'rogue' member states including Russia, China and the UAE | Mon, 10/19/2020 – 13: 11 | UAE security chief Nasser Ahmed al-Raisi, left, pictured in 2018 (Wikicommons) | British MPs will be told this week that Russia is a "criminal state" which is "ab…

Newsclick (2020-10-19). What's behind the conflict in Caucasus, Central Asia? peoplesdispatch.org Newsclick's Prabir Purkayastha analyzes the developments in Kyrgyzstan and Nagorno Karabakh and examines the geo-political issues involved. He looks at the strategy of western powers to destabilize the region and the response of countries like Russia and China.

Kester Kenn Klomegah (2020-10-19). Energy Research Platform Takes Central Stage Under Russia's BRICS Chairmanship. globalresearch.ca After the Ufa declaration in 2015, BRICS, an association of five major emerging economies that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has made energy cooperation one of its priorities besides attaining an admirable significant influence on regional affairs …

WSWS (2020-10-19). Communist Party of the Philippines targets Chinese firms blacklisted by Washington. wsws.org The leadership of the CPP explained it would be targeting Chinese firms in interviews with Radio Free Asia, an official organ of US government propaganda directed against China.

Nauman Sadiq (2020-10-19). The Biden Campaign and China's Oligarchs. globalresearch.ca In two bombshell reports, Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge of the New York Post have leveled damning allegations of Hunter Biden's murky financial dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese oligarchs. As expected, $50,000 remuneration paid by Burisma Holdings of Ukraine …

Alastair Crooke (2020-10-19). The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics. thealtworld.com At the explicit level, today's geo-political struggle is about the U.S. maintaining its primacy of power — with financial power being a subset to this political power. Carl Schmitt, whose thoughts had such influence on Leo Strauss and U.S. thinking generally, advocated that those who have power should 'use it, or lose it'. The prime object of politics therefore being to preserve one's 'social existence'. | But at the underside, Tech de-coupling from China is one implicit aspect to such a strategy (camouflaged beneath the catch-phrase of recovering 'stolen' U.S. jobs and intellectual property): The prize tha…

_____ (2020-10-19). A Milestone For South African Shack Dwellers Movement. popularresistance.org The shack dwellers' movement of South Africa marked 15 years of struggle for land, housing and dignity on October 4. It held a seminar, Sifike kanjani la? (How did we get to where we are?) and, the following day, relaunched the eKhenana branch of the movement. | The celebration of the 15th anniversary of the formation of AbM was held at the eKhenana Occupation in Cato Manor, Durban. This occupation has an office, a farm, a recreation center and a political school, which is called The Frantz Fanon Political School. The first seeds for the farm were received from the MST (Landless Workers Movement) in Brazil.

_____ (2020-10-19). Dangers of Military Confrontation Between the United States and China Around Taiwan and in the South China Sea. strategic-culture.org Over the past two years, the United States has dramatically increased the number of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and destroyers sent into the South China Sea as a freedom of navigation show of force missions to remind the Chinese government that the U.S. considers the Western Pacific and the South China Sea as a part of the oceans of America and its allies.

Mehr News Agency (2020-10-19). Lifting Iran arms embargo, result of JCPOA efficiency: China. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) — Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that lifting Iran's arms embargo is the result of efficiency of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

sputniknews (2020-10-19). Trump Trade Advisor Calls US Media, Hollywood Moguls China's 'Useful Idiots'. sputniknews.com WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US media outlets, Hollywood moguls, and many basketball players have become China's useful idiots, according to a Monday statement from White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro, who encouraged Americans to rise to the occasion and stop fighting among themselves as the 3 November Election Day approaches.

sputniknews (2020-10-19). US Iran-Related Sanctions on Chinese Entities 'Wrong Approach', Russian Envoy to UN Says. sputniknews.com UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – The United States' approach to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong individuals and entities in relation to Iran's nuclear program is wrong and Russia will continue to do business with the Islamic Republic, Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy said in a statement.

F. William Engdahl (2020-10-18). Towards a US-China War? The Creation of a Global Totalitarian System, A "One World Government"? globalresearch.ca The dominant dynamic defining world geopolitics is the appearance of a genuine irregular conflict between the 2 most formidable powers on the planet: China & the US. Only this time the aim is a universal totalitarian system. David Rockefeller called it a "one world government."

sputniknews (2020-10-17). Tehran Declares Arms Embargo Lifted, Iran Free to Procure, Export Arms as Sees Fit. sputniknews.com In 2015, Iran signed the JCPOA with China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and the European Union, requiring Iran to scale back its nuclear program and severely downgrade its uranium reserves in exchange for sanctions relief, including lifting the arms embargo five years after the deal's adoption.

Louis Proyect (2020-10-16). Can an Eco-Socialist Revolution Save China? counterpunch.org On August 19, 2019, I unfurled my degrowth banner in a CounterPunch article titled "Ecological Limits and the Working Class" and followed it up with a review of leading degrowth theorist Giorgos Kallis's "Limits: Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care" just six months later. Having read dozens of articles on degrowth over

Joshua Cho (2020-10-16). No, China didn't 'stall' critical Covid information at outbreak's start. mronline.org Now that some time has passed since the beginning of the outbreak, it's worth revisiting the less-conspiratorial corporate media narrative that the Chinese government maliciously or incompetently delayed the release of critical information early on, thereby causing many unnecessary deaths.

Dave DeCamp (2020-10-16). Esper: Pentagon School to Focus Half of Its Curriculum on China. globalresearch.ca Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said on Thursday that

sputniknews (2020-10-16). Ten Percent Worldwide: Apple iPhone Manufacturer FoxConn Targets Electric Cars Market. sputniknews.com Taiwan-based iPhone maker Foxconn has launched a platform aimed at equipping automobile companies with services, planning to become the Android of electric vehicles. Foxconn hopes to get its new open-source platform into 10 percent of all electric cars in the world by 2025 or 2027.