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2021-04-17: News Headlines

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China's consumption regains strength in Q1. ecns.cn China's retail sales of consumer goods, a major indicator of a country's consumption strength, picked up further in the first quarter of this year as the economy recovered from the impact of COVID-19.

Juan Cole (2021-04-17). New Wind and Solar up 50% globally in 2020, as China beats US by over 4 to 1. juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — The new report on 2020 by the International Renewable Energy Agency reveals that the world's renewable energy generation capacity increased by an astonishing 10.3% in 2020 despite the global economic slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic. It beats the previous record for an annual increase in this sector by a healthy …

Vijay Prashad (2021-04-17). Why Xinjiang is emerging as the epicenter of the US Cold War on China. peoplesdispatch.org The US government's information warfare against China has produced the "fact" that there is genocide in Xinjiang. Once this has been established, it helps develop diplomatic and economic warfare…

Mike Walter (2021-04-17). The Heat: U.S.-Asia issues. america.cgtn.com Talks on climate change take center stage, as China's President Xi Jinping pledges greater cooperation with France and Germany to tackle the effects of global warming. The leaders of China, Germany and France held a virtual meeting Friday with a commitment to work together on …

Kim Petersen (2021-04-17). Pseudonymity and Genocide. dissidentvoice.org Nearly 10,000 residents dance in local Dolan Maxrap folk style in Awat county in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on 9 October 2018. Photo: China News Service In February, I asked, "Does the West Repeating Claims of China Committing Genocide in Xinjiang Reify It?" China is continually being raked over the coals by western governments …

Prabir Purkayastha (2021-04-17). US navy in Lakshadweep: Gunboat diplomacy masquerading as freedom of navigation. peoplesdispatch.org The Narendra Modi government mistakenly believed a FONOP in the South China Sea has no implications for India. As the US operation in India's EEZ makes clear, it owns the seas and will brook no competition from any country…

Michael Hudson (2021-04-17). America's Neoliberal Financialization Policy Vs. China's Industrial Socialism — OpEd. eurasiareview.com Nearly half a millennium ago Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince described three options for how a conquering power might treat states that it defeated in war but that "have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom: … the first is to ruin them, the next is to reside there in person, the third is to permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute, and establishing within it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you."[1] | Machiavelli preferred the first option, citing Rome's destruction of Carthage. That is what the United States did to Iraq and Libya after 2001. But in today…

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China upgrades ground system for first-generation relay satellites. ecns.cn China has completed an upgrade of the ground system for its first-generation relay satellite, Tianlian I, according to the Beijing Space Information Transmission Center on Friday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Xi attends China-France-Germany climate summit. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Video Summit on Climate between China, France and Germany in Beijing on Friday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China's first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to start Phase III trial in May: media. ecns.cn China's first messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 vaccine will start its Phase III clinical trial in May, China National Radio (CNR) has reported.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China bio firm dispels fears of serious blood clots from its COVID-19 vaccine. ecns.cn China's CanSino Biologics Inc (CanSinoBIO) has said that no serious blood clot cases were reported in the recipients of its COVID-19 vaccine Ad5-nCoV.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Over 183 mln COVID-19 vaccine doses administered across China. ecns.cn More than 183.53 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China as of Thursday, the National Health Commission said Friday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China's first autonomous bus line debuts. ecns.cn China's first autonomous bus line started commercial operations in Yongchuan district of Chongqing on Monday with passengers boarding a red Baidu Robobus bus for city trips.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China's first buoy tender with ice-breaking function tests water. ecns.cn A seagoing buoy tender with an ice-breaking function, the first of its kind in China, on Thursday tested water in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

Rick Rozoff (2021-04-17). China reacts after U.S. and Japan challenge it in five regions and Washington pledges to defend Japan with nuclear weapons. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com China reacts after U.S. and Japan challenge it in five regions and Washington pledges to defend Japan with nuclear weaponsRick Rozoff Yesterday U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga met at the White House to hold a joint press conference reaffirming and expanding bilateral relations between the two nations. A statement was …

Staff (2021-04-17). JCPOA members woking on which US sanctions would lift: China. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 17 (MNA) — China's envoy to the Vienna negotiations said on Sat. that JCPOA parties have agreed to accelerate work on issues including which sanctions the United States would lift.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Beyond the Mountains: Life in Xinjiang. ecns.cn Tianshan Mountains, stretching for thousands of miles across China's northwestern frontier, divides the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in half — the relatively affluent north and the less developed south.After decades of development and interaction, people from both sides of the mountains became acquainted with each other. Mountains are physical boundaries that can be crossed, but "a dose of prejudice comes from the mountains in our mind that prevent us from seeing the truth," according to Han Bin, director of the documentary "Beyond the Mountains: Life in Xinjiang."

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). China's domestic air passenger trips exceed pre-epidemic level in March. ecns.cn The number of domestic air passenger trips reached 47.68 million in March, exceeding the level seen during the same period in 2019, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said on Friday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). CIIE Bureau promotes rehab and elderly care zone. ecns.cn A promotional conference for rehabilitation and elderly care zone at the fourth edition of the China International Import Expo was held on Wednesday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). STAR Market revision aims to boost quality of listed firms. ecns.cn China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on Friday the revision of the evaluation measures for public technology and innovation companies, aiming to increase the quality of the companies listed on the STAR Market at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Jimmy Lai sentenced to 1 year in jail for illegal assembly in Hong Kong. ecns.cn Anti-China disruptor Jimmy Lai was sentenced by a Hong Kong court to one year in prison on Friday over illegal assembly in August 2019.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Jimmy Lai sentenced to 12 months in jail for unlawful assembly. ecns.cn A court in China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Friday sentenced Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, founder of Apple Daily and media group Next Digital, to 12 months in jail for unlawful assembly.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). . ecns.cn The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)'s annual conference is scheduled for April 18 to 21 in Boao, south China's Hainan Province.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Three Gorges reservoir diverts 10 bln cubic meters of water in dry season. ecns.cn China's Three Gorges reservoir has replenished 10 billion cubic meters of water to meet the demand for water use at the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). University of Science and Technology of China develops soft-bodied robots. ecns.cn Soft-bodied robots have been developed by a research team of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Sea of grasses attracts tourists in Nanjing. ecns.cn A vast expanse of grass seen in Shijiu Lake, Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, attracts many tourists, April 15, 2021.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Jimmy Lai sentenced to 14 months in jail for illegal assembly. ecns.cn Anti-China disruptor Jimmy Lai was sentenced to 14 months in prison on Friday over two cases of illegal assembly.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Aviation sector predicts strong demand after rebound in domestic market. ecns.cn China's civil aviation sector saw a rebound in domestic market in March, and expects another boom in the upcoming Labor Day holiday in May.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Leading with action: China in the fight for carbon-neutral future. ecns.cn Climate change is not taking a break from wreaking havoc in 2020, with the joint highest global temperatures on record, rampant bushfires, the faster rates of sea level rise and the extinction of some species.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Chinese passport holders may travel to more destinations: survey. ecns.cn As vaccination program rollout gained momentum in China, Chinese passport holders are able to travel to more destinations, according to a recent survey by international advisory firm Henley & Partners.

ecns.cn (2021-04-17). Jimmy Lai sentenced to 12 months for illegal assembly. ecns.cn Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying was sentenced on Friday to 12 months in prison for attending an illegal assembly in 2019.

Kim Petersen (2021-04-17). Media Allegations of Genocide in Xinjiang. globalresearch.ca In February, I asked, " …

Eve Ottenberg (2021-04-16). Life After Covid, as the U.S. Competes with China. counterpunch.org Who can doubt that if Trump had won reelection, the numbers of people vaccinated against covid would be in the thousands, instead of Biden's nearly 100 million? Who can doubt that the daily death rate would stand above 3000, as MAGA morons went about their business maskless and as it was when Trump left office

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). COVID-19 diagnosis by antibodies only applies to unvaccinated population: NHC. ecns.cn China's National Health Commission (NHC) has updated its rules on the diagnosis of COVID-19 cases, stating that diagnosis based on the presence of antibodies only applies to those who have not yet been vaccinated.

_____ (2021-04-16). Pandemic Discrimination Against Asian Americans Has Long Roots. popularresistance.org "I have pepper spray and I hold it every time I'm alone right now in case I see someone that is really frightening," said New York City teacher Annie Tan, who is Chinese American. | By February 2020, friends of hers had already been verbally harassed on the subway. One had been deliberately coughed on. Another was too scared to take the train anymore. | Many Asian Americans and Asian immigrants are experiencing similar incidents. | A neighbor pointed to her and said "China virus," said Ah Ying, a homecare worker in San Francisco who immigrated years ago from Taishan, China. A physical assault on an Asian American…

Michael Hudson (2021-04-16). America's Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China's Industrial Socialism. counterpunch.org Nearly half a millennium ago Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince described three options for how a conquering power might treat states that it defeated in war but that "have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom: … the first is to ruin them, the next is to reside there in person, the third is to permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute, and establishing within it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you."

WSWS (2021-04-16). Flooded mine in China traps 29 workers. wsws.org China remains one of the most dangerous countries for mining with explosions and gas leaks a regular occurrence. According to official statistics there were 434 mining accidents in 2020 with 573 deaths.

Staff (2021-04-16). China summons Japan envoy to protest Fukushima water release. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 16 (MNA) — The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Japanese ambassador in Beijing on Thursday to express opposition to Japan's intention to release wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). Beijing proposal aims to add protections for artifacts. ecns.cn Beijing will strengthen the management of archaeological findings to better preserve the city's urban heritage along its central axis, according to a draft regulation submitted to the capital's top lawmaking body on Thursday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). 12.5 mln people in Beijing vaccinated against COVID-19. ecns.cn Beijing has administered more than 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of 12 p.m. Thursday, according to the municipal government.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). National Security Education Day events kick off in HK. ecns.cn A worker performs a quality check in the packaging facility of Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac Biotech in Beijing on Sept 24, 2020.BEIJING – China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine produced by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech works well with clinical coronavirus symptoms, especially in moderate-to-severe cases, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). Xi to attend China-France-Germany leaders' climate summit via video link. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the China-France-Germany leaders' climate summit via video link in Beijing on April 16, at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying announced on Thursday.

Pip Hinman (2021-04-16). Uighurs, Tibetans protest opening of new Chinese consulate. greenleft.org.au The opening of a new Chinese consulate in Adelaide was protested by contingents of ethnic and religious groups with deeply-felt grievances against China's government, writes Anne McMenamin.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). 44 tombs found at Jinlan Temple site in Guangzhou. ecns.cn Aerial photo shows the ruins of Jinlan Temple in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, April 14, 2021.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). China to monitor Japan's plan to dump nuclear wastewater, vows to protect consumers. ecns.cn The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it will closely monitor the developments in Japan's decision to dump Fukushima wastewater into the ocean and pledged to ensure the safety of Chinese consumers.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). Commercialization of sci-tech gathering pace. ecns.cn China recently released the annual report on the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements in 2020, showing continuous vibrant activities in the transformation of scientific and technological results.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). China remains Mongolia's top export destination, import supplier. ecns.cn China remains Mongolia's top export destination and import supplier in the first quarter of 2021, according to data released by the Mongolian National Statistics Office on Thursday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). Manned spacecraft, carrier rocket for Shenzhou-12 mission arrive at launch center. ecns.cn The manned spacecraft and carrier rocket for the Shenzhou-12 manned space mission have arrived at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). No violent terrorist incidents reported in China in over 4 years: ministry. ecns.cn China has seen no violent terrorist incidents for more than four consecutive years, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said Thursday.

ecns.cn (2021-04-16). Xi's speech marking 95th founding anniversary of CPC to be published. ecns.cn A speech made by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, at a ceremony marking the 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPC will be published Friday in the eighth issue of the Qiushi Journal.

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