2021-10-03: News Headlines

Li Wang (2021-10-03). The White House is seeking to strengthen the intelligence capabilities assigned to China. indybay.org Recently, media has got the information that the US administration is working on the issue of creating a special center on China in the Central Intelligence Agency.

ecns.cn (2021-10-02). End unilateral coercion, China calls. ecns.cn China's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday called for the complete and immediate lifting of unilateral coercive measures, stressing that they severely violate human rights and exacerbate humanitarian disasters.

Fight Back (2021-10-02). Mao Zedong on the founding of new China: "The Chinese people have stood up!" fightbacknews.org To mark the October 1, 1949 proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China, Fight Back! is circulating a statement that the outstanding Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong made at the opening address at the First Plenary Session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on September 21, 1949. | Fellow Delegates, | The Political Consultative Conference so eagerly awaited by the whole nation is herewith inaugurated. | Our conference is composed of more than six hundred delegates, representing all the democratic parties and people's organizations of China, the People's Liberation Army, th…

teleSUR- lvm, JL (2021-10-02). Venezuela destaca rol de China en combate contra la Covid-19. telesurtv.net El canciller venezolano destacó el espíritu solidario de China para ayudar a combatir la pandemia.

ecns.cn (2021-10-02). China urges global solidarity for vaccine equity on behalf of 75 countries. ecns.cn China's ambassador to the United Nations on Friday called on all countries to strengthen solidarity and achieve vaccine equity at an early day to overcome the unfair distribution of inoculations and increasing "vaccine nationalism" as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world.

Richard Horton (2021-10-02). [Comment] Offline: USA versus China—the growing insanity of our times. thelancet.com Bad as the COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be for many countries, it is not the most immediate danger facing humanity. And nor is the climate emergency. Or any other conventionally defined risk to population health. In a recent Brookings Institution conversation with General John E Hyten, Vice-Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the spectre of a truly menacing threat became clearer—the prospect of an American war with China. A military conflict between these two nations would precipitate immediate violence and longer-term social and economic disruption dwarfing the effects of COVID-19.

WSWS (2021-10-02). Wall Street records biggest monthly decline since start of pandemic. wsws.org The fall was driven by several factors, working in combination, including inflation, the prospect of interest rate rises, the conflict over the US debt ceiling and slowing production in China.

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