2022-10-21: News Headlines

____ (2022-10-21). 181 countries now have diplomatic ties with China. ecns.cn A total of 181 countries have established diplomatic relations with China, up from 172 ten years ago, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said here on Thursday, as he hailed the country's diplomatic services over the past decade.

Staff (2022-10-21). øUna explosión nuclear en la atmósfera puede ser un arma efectiva para destruir satélites? cubadebate.cu Investigadores del Instituto de Tecnología Nuclear del Noroeste, en China, desarrollaron un modelo computacional que puede evaluar el rendimiento de armas nucleares antisatélite con un detalle y una precisión sin precedentes. La simulación sugiere que una ojiva nuclear podría crear una seria amenaza para los satélites si estalla a una altitud de 80 km sobre la atmósfera terrestre.

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-21). Navy Official Says US Should Prepare for China to Invade Taiwan This Year. news.antiwar.com A high-level Navy official "So when we talk about the 2027 window, in my mind, that has to be a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window. I can't rule it out," said Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations. | The "2027 window" refers to a claim from retired Adm. Phil Davidson, the former head of US Indo-Pacific Command, who said last year he believes China could invade within six years. Gilday said he was prioritizing a "fight tonight" posture for the U…

Editor (2022-10-21). Blinken falsely blames China for U.S. hostility directed at it. mronline.org On Monday U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken made a curious remark: "China plans to seize Taiwan on 'much faster timeline."

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Friday 12/9: Film: Chinatown Rising Screening and Filmmaker Discussion. indybay.org Chinatown / Him Mark Lai Branch Library | 1135 Powell Street | San Francisco, CA 94108…

____ (2022-10-21). CPC national congress to bring China closer to rejuvenation: Pakistani ambassador. ecns.cn The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will promote the high quality development of China and bring it one step closer to achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

____ (2022-10-21). China-funded road project breaks ground in Jordan. ecns.cn The project of upgrading and rebuilding the Al-Salt/Al-Ardah Road in Jordan, which is funded by the Chinese government, broke ground on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). FAST spots universe's most vast atom cloud. ecns.cn China's ultra-powerful telescope has discovered the largest atomic cloud in the universe to date, a finding that could help scientists investigate and understand the origins of galaxies, according to a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-21). Resolving Taiwan question highlighted in report. ecns.cn Xi said that China will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and the utmost effort, "but we will never promise to renounce the use of force, and we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary".

____ (2022-10-21). China to uphold its core interests. ecns.cn China's diplomacy will resolutely safeguard its national sovereignty and security and development interests, Vice-Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Thursday at a news conference on the sidelines of the ongoing 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

____ (2022-10-21). China to persist in development of human community with shared future: vice FM. ecns.cn China will promote with concrete actions the building of a community with a shared future for humanity and work to make the system of global governance fairer and more equitable, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Xi chairs 3rd meeting of 20th CPC National Congress presidium. ecns.cn The presidium of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its third meeting on Friday morning. Xi Jinping presided over the meeting.

____ (2022-10-21). China actively contributes to global climate governance: official. ecns.cn China has actively contributed to global climate governance, vice minister of ecology and environment Zhai Qing said Friday.

____ (2022-10-21). China completes test of vacuum liquid oxygen-methane rocket engine. ecns.cn China has completed a test of its largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen-methane engine, which was designed for use on a commercial rocket, the engine maker said Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Craftsmen strive to keep wood carving alive. ecns.cn Wood carving, one of China's traditional folk handicraft, gets revived thanks to industry development.

____ (2022-10-21). CNOOC discovers large deep-water gas field, containing billion cubic meters of fuel. ecns.cn China discovered its first large deep-water deep-stratum gas field with proven reserves exceeding billion cubic meters (bcm) in the sea southeast of Hainan Province.

____ (2022-10-21). China discovers first large deep-water deep-stratum gas field. ecns.cn A large deep-water deep-stratum gas field with proven reserves exceeding billion cubic meters, the first of its kind in China, was discovered in the water southeast of Hainan Island, according to the China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Fall adds charm to wetland in Xinjiang. ecns.cn A wetland in Hutubi County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Grass, lakes, and birds coexist in the wetland, presenting an oil painting-like scenery.

____ (2022-10-21). China expresses support, expectations for G20 summit in Bali. ecns.cn China supports Indonesia in playing its role as the president of the Group of 20 (G20) and expects the upcoming G20 summit to contribute to global COVID-19 response, economic recovery, and food and energy security, a senior Chinese diplomat said Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). National security is the guarantee for development. ecns.cn The report delivered at the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing on Sunday stressed the importance as well as the urgency of modernizing China's national security system and capacity and safeguarding national security and social stability.

____ (2022-10-21). Large population of nun's-hood orchid found in Guangxi. ecns.cn More than 200 nun's-hood orchids (Phaius tankervilleae) are in full bloom in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

____ (2022-10-21). Air China takes delivery of A3 wide-body aircraft powered by sustainable aviation fuel. ecns.cn Air China has taken delivery of its A3 wide-body aircraft in north China's Tianjin on Thursday, powered by domestic-made sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on its delivery flight.

____ (2022-10-21). First deep-water deep-stratum large gas field found in Hainan. ecns.cn China discovered the first deep-water deep-stratum large gas field, the Baodao21-1 in Qiongdongnan Basin, the South China Sea, with proven natural gas reserves exceeding billion cubic meters.

____ (2022-10-21). New batch of amazing photos captured by Chinese astronauts released. ecns.cn China Manned Space Station recently released a new batch of photos taken by China's Shenzhou-14 taikonauts Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Century-old sweet osmanthus in full bloom in Nanjing. ecns.cn A century-old sweet osmanthus tree is in full bloom in Zhongshan Mountain National Park, Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Oct. 20, 2022. The osmanthus plant dates back to 100 years with a height of 6.3 meters.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). China ratifica principios de política exterior. telesurtv.net El vicecanciller señaló que la voluntad de salvaguardar la soberanía e integridad territorial es inquebrantable.

____ (2022-10-21). Undersea section of high-speed rail tunnel makes landmark progress. ecns.cn Tunnel Boring Machine has already dug a 3,000-meter section of the Zhanjiang Bay undersea tunnel, some 1,600 meters of which runs under the seabed, marking an important stage in the construction of the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang high-speed railway.

____ (2022-10-21). Shanghai airports' rail link sees major progress. ecns.cn Major progress was achieved in the construction of the first high-speed rail link between Shanghai's Pudong and Hongqiao airports, as the project contractor said the girder installation of the project's bid 1 has been concluded in advance recently.

____ (2022-10-21). Sinopharm separates monkeypox virus strains; R&D of vaccines and medicine underway. ecns.cn Sinopharm's Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has recently successfully separated monkeypox virus strains from clinical samples of infected patients to help scientific research into the epidemic prevention and control of monkeypox.

_____ (2022-10-20). Senate Looks To Give Taiwan $10 Billion In Military Aid. popularresistance.org The Senate's version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will include $10 billion in military aid for Taiwan, *Defense News* reported on Monday. | The $10 billion would be given to Taiwan over five years in the form of Foreign Military Financing (FMF), a State Department program that gives foreign governments money to purchase US weapons. | However, Taiwan will be able to use $300 million of the FMF each year to purchase military equipment from its own industrial base, a privilege only currently enjoyed by Israel. Other FMF recipients need waivers to use the funds to purchase arms that don't com…

_____ (2022-10-20). EU Confesses 'Our Prosperity Was Based On China And Russia'. popularresistance.org The West's economic prosperity following the end of the first cold war in 1991 was built on a neoliberal capitalist economic model that was only made possible due to the extraction of wealth from China and Russia, the European Union's top foreign-policy official, Josep Borrell, has confessed. | "Our prosperity was based on China and Russia — energy and market," Borrell said. | China provided the US and EU with a massive market, low-paid labor, and cheap consumer goods. And after the Soviet Union was overthrown, mass privatizations in Russia and steps at integrating it into the West helped Europe secure huge…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). China Reaffirms 'No First Use' Nuclear Weapons Policy at UN. news.antiwar.com China reaffirmed this week its no first use policy for nuclear weapons at a meeting of the UN's General Assembly First Committee. Li Song, the Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs, told the committee that China "has solemnly committed to no first use of nuclear weapons at any time and under any circumstances, and not using …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-20). China-Russia Friendship: A Guarantee of a Bright Future for the People. libya360.wordpress.com On the eve of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China the Chairman of the CC CPRF Gennady Zyuganov gave an interview to the popular Chinese newspaper Guangming Ribao Speaking at the International Forum of the CPC and Marxist Parties organized by the Communist Party of China you noted that the centenary of…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). Taiwan, US Sign Deal to Maintain Island's Patriot Missiles. news.antiwar.com Taiwan has signed a contract with the US According to The South China Morning Post, the five-year contract is worth $77.8 million and will send technicians from Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to the island through 2027. | A Taiwanese military source told…

____ (2022-10-20). Press conference on China's diplomacy held in Beijing. ecns.cn Shen Beili, vice minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Ma Zhaoxu, vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended the press conference.

____ (2022-10-20). Autumn brings colors to park. ecns.cn Colorful autumn scenery at a park in Jize County of Handan City, north China's Hebei Province, Oct. 20, 2022.

____ (2022-10-20). Global parties, politicians congratulate congress. ecns.cn Parties and politicians of various countries have sent their congratulations on the opening of the 20th Communist Party of China National Congress, as they view the congress an important milestone of the CPC's history and providing solid guarantee for China's future development.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomacy wins global friends. ecns.cn China has stepped up efforts to develop its diplomatic service over the past decade with a comprehensive, multilevel and multifaceted agenda being established.

____ (2022-10-20). Report charts way to energy security, greener future. ecns.cn The active and prudent approach to climate actions that Xi Jinping has vowed China will pursue is suitable to the nation's conditions, with coal serving as the dominant fossil fuel reserve, experts said.

____ (2022-10-20). China one of world's safest countries: official. ecns.cn China is widely acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world, Xu Ganlu, vice minister of public security, told a press conference here on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-20). Endangered corpse flowers bear seeds at China National Botanical Garden. ecns.cn Two corpse flowers have borne seeds at the China National Botanical Garden in Beijing, marking the first seed-bearing of the endangered species in the country.

____ (2022-10-20). China's largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen, methane engine completes first full-system test. ecns.cn China's largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen and methane engine, developed by Chinese commercial spaceflight company LandSpace, has successfully completed its full-system test firings which lasted for 20 seconds.

____ (2022-10-20). China's initiatives on development, security conducive to world peace, prosperity. ecns.cn With the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opening on Sunday, the world is paying close attention to the programs of action and overarching policies that will be formulated during the landmark event.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomatic corps to maintain the fighting spirit. ecns.cn China's diplomatic front will continue to carry on the fighting spirit and improve its capability to safeguard the country's dignity and interests.

____ (2022-10-20). China to step up judicial protection of IPR: senior judge. ecns.cn Chinese judicial agencies will step up protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) in a bid to support the country's drive to achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology, a senior judge said Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-20). China opposes forcing political system on other nations, official says. ecns.cn The Communist Party of China will not point fingers at the internal affairs of political parties in other nations, nor will the Party seek to export the Chinese model or require other nations or parties to emulate its practice, an official said on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomacy aimed at global peace, prosperity. ecns.cn The goal and purpose of China's diplomacy is to maintain world peace, promote common development and advance the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

____ (2022-10-20). China's modernization path offers inspiration for global peace and development. ecns.cn The report delivered by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, to the 20th CPC National Congress on Sunday unveiled a blueprint for advancing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization.

____ (2022-10-20). Press center for 20th CPC National Congress hosts fourth group interview. ecns.cn The spokespersons for delegations from Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi and Gansu to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) meet the press during a group interview in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 19, 2022.

____ (2022-10-20). World's first electromagnet driven super speed experiment facility enters operation in E China. ecns.cn The world's first ground-based electromagnet driven super speed experiment facility in Jinan, East China's Shandong Province enters operation, CCTV reported on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). Hainan to open two new offshore duty-free shops. ecns.cn Two new offshore duty-free shops have been approved to open in Haikou, the capital of South China's island province of Hainan, raising the number of duty-free shops in the province to twelve, Economic Information Daily reported on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). (Multinational enterprises in China) Microsoft confident about China's digital economy: Microsoft GCR leader. ecns.cn Microsoft is confident in the prospect of China's accelerating digital economy, Hou Yang, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR), said in an interview with Chinanews.com.

____ (2022-10-20). Innovative machinery enhances railway construction. ecns.cn The only two 1,000-ton level bridge girder erection machines in the world have added momentum to the rapid development of China's high-speed rail construction and have made railways across the sea a reality.

____ (2022-10-20). Investors eye A shares as mood brightens. ecns.cn As uncertainties that have been shrouding the A-share market over the past few months start to subside, domestic and international financial institutions are preparing to increase their positions in China-related assets, which are currently undervalued, said experts.

____ (2022-10-20). Demand for Chinese heating product soars in Europe. ecns.cn As an important family appliances production base in China, South China's Guangdong Province has witnessed a surge in the exports of heating appliances as the northern hemisphere enters winter.

____ (2022-10-20). (CPC Congress) Delegates to 20th CPC National Congress continue holding group meetings. ecns.cn Delegates to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) continued holding group meetings on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-20). China's FAST telescope spots huge atomic gas structure. ecns.cn The "China Sky Eye," also known as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), has spotted a huge atomic gas structure in the vicinity of a galaxy group.

____ (2022-10-20). Light show featuring ancient Sichuan culture dazzles visitors. ecns.cn Visitors view colorful lights featuring the ancient Sichuan culture in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, Oct. 19, 2022. Six groups of themed lights are displayed during the show.

____ (2022-10-20). They Say: China one of leading global voices dedicated to peaceful conflict resolution. ecns.cn

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). US Considering Joint Weapons Production With Taiwan. news.antiwar.com The US is considering a plan to jointly manufacture weapons with Taiwan in an effort to speed up arms deliveries for the island, a member of the US-Taiwan Business Council said on Wednesday. Since 2017, the US has approved over $20 billion in arms sales for Taiwan, but deliveries have been delayed. According to Defense …

____ (2022-10-20). Beijing 2022 Olympic athletes honored at ANOC Awards 2022. ecns.cn The best athletes of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games were honored on Wednesday during the awards ceremony of ANOC Awards 2022 held in Seoul.

____ (2022-10-20). HK to align its policies with national strategies. ecns.cn Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu announced in his debut policy speech on Wednesday that he will lead a high-powered task force to bring the special administrative region further into the orbit of the national economy.

____ (2022-10-20). British photographer Bruce Connolly: recorder of 'old, new' Beijing. ecns.cn Carrying a camera, photographer Bruce Connolly has been documenting the changes in Beijing for the past 35 years.

____ (2022-10-20). HKSAR chief executive John Lee delivers first policy address. ecns.cn John Lee, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), delivered on Wednesday his first policy address to the HKSAR Legislative Council since taking office.

____ (2022-10-20). Chinese researchers cast more light on globally threatened primates. ecns.cn Chinese experts have recently revealed the evolutionary adaptation and demographic history of pygmy lorises, according to the Kunming Institute of Zoology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-19). Thailand: US-Backed Opposition's Violence Intimidates Critics, Paves Way for Regime Change. libya360.wordpress.com The US-backed opposition in Thailand replicates in many ways the violence and intimidation the US sponsored in Ukraine from 2014 onward just as Ukraine is meant as a proxy against Russia a US client regime in Thailand would transform the country into a proxy against China. An alarming incident of violence where a…

Scorinoco (2022-10-19). Canadian Parliamentary Delegation to Taiwan Province, Another Dangerous Anti-China Provocation. orinocotribune.com

____ (2022-10-19). Press center for 20th CPC National Congress hosts press conference. ecns.cn Journalists attend a press conference via video link in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 19, 2022. The press center for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) hosted the press conference.

____ (2022-10-19). Leaders hail China-Uganda relations in past 60 years. ecns.cn Xi made the remark as he exchanged congratulatory messages with Museveni on Tuesday on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

____ (2022-10-19). Field of pink muhly grass attracts visitors to Nanjing. ecns.cn Visitors pose for photos at a field of pink muhly grass at Sanqiao wetland park in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Oct. 18, 2022.

____ (2022-10-19). 400-year-old bell found in Quanzhou. ecns.cn A bell of the Ming Dynasty was found in the Tonghuai temple of Guan Yu and Yue Fei in Quanzhou, southeast China's Fujian Province, according to local authorities on Tuesday.

____ (2022-10-19). Stress on industry seen lifting economy. ecns.cn China's emphasis on developing the real economy and advancing new industrialization is expected to lay a solid foundation for long-term economic growth and boost the country's core competitiveness globally despite downward pressures and uncertainties both at home and abroad"ÄÇ…

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