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2024-05-17: News Headlines

Finian Cunningham (2024-05-17). Is the U.S. blackmailing India over assassination allegations to be more hostile toward China and Russia? The United States and its Western allies have stepped up a media campaign to accuse India of running an assassination policy targeting expatriate dissidents. The government of Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, has furiously denied the allegations, saying there is no such policy. Nevertheless, the American Biden administration as well as Canada, Britain and Australia …

infobrics (2024-05-17). China's Trade with Other BRICS Members Up 11.3% in Q1. China's trade with other BRICS members hit 1.49 trillion yuan ($209.7 billion) in the first quarter, up 11.3 percent year-on-year, according to customs authorities…

Eve Ottenberg (2024-05-17). Iran and Israel Need to Talk. It's now been about four weeks since Iranian missiles filled Israeli skies, as humanity held its breath for nuclear war and possible extinction. If that strikes you as hyperbole, consider this: Had Israel suffered great damage, the war could have gone nuclear, and don't think for a minute that Russia and China would allow their

newleftreview (2024-05-17). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

Staff (2024-05-17). For a Just and Multipolar World Order: Russia and China Strengthen Alliance. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has arrived in China on his first official visit abroad after his recent inauguration. He was received by his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, with whom he held talks agreeing to deepen mutual political trust and contribute to global security and stability. | Vladimir Putin's official visit to China began this Thursday, May 16, with an emotional reception at Tiananmen Square, where children waved flags and the famous Russian melody 'Moscow Nights' resonated as the Russian leader and the Chinese president headed to the Great Hall of the People. | The resulting…

Paul Atwood (2024-05-17). Why China Has Little Reason to Trust the U.S.

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-05-17). Putin highlights potential for cooperation between Russia and China. Speaking this Friday at the opening ceremony of the 8th China-Russia Exhibition in Harbin's city, Putin pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Russian entities maintain ties with Chinese partners, and that almost all provinces and institutions in China participate in the said cooperation. | With no other country does Russia have such a wide network of direct contacts and interregional cooperation agreements in various fields. "Of course, we see great potential to deepen ties between the Russian Far East and the northeast of the People's Republic of China," the president stressed. | Putin took advantage of…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). China-Arab Entrepreneurship Summit in Abu Dhabi strengthens bilateral co-operation. The China-Arab Entrepreneurship Summit 2024 has kicked off in Abu Dhabi, bringing together more than 200 delegates from China and Arab countries to discuss business opportunities…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). Service platform for regional economic cooperation China-SCO is presented in Moscow. Experts spoke about the development of business ties between Russia and China…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). 50 bronze cauldrons are discovered in tomb in eastern China. They are revered artefacts of ancient Chinese culture…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). Iran and China sign Memorandum of Understanding on agricultural cooperative. Sino-Iranian relations enter a new phase…

Frank Chen,Frank Tang (2024-05-17). Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin pledge to develop even closer China-Russia ties in energy and finance. Bilateral trade, an important lifeline to Russia since it invaded Ukraine, is already at a record US$240 billion, with China its largest customer for crude oil.

aljazeera (2024-05-17). Russia's Putin eyes greater support from China for Ukraine war effort. In a visit also focused on trade, the Russian leader hails the partnership with China that guarantees energy security.

unitedEditor (2024-05-17). How Iranian — Chinese friendship benefits Türkiye. In 2023, the People's Republic of China purchased 91% of the oil produced by Iran. Anxious with that, US President Biden is working on passing a law to impose sanctions on China for its oil purchases from Iran. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Iran has transformed into a construction site. What we see is an extraordinary … (2024-05-17). China's insurance market to double in 10 years, Swiss Re CEO says. The size of China's insurance industry is expected to double in the next 10 years amid strong economic growth, making the country an even more important market for the group, said Christian Mumenthaler, group CEO of Swiss Re. (2024-05-17). Exploring biodiversity at horticultural exhibition 2024 in Chengdu. Qionglai branch venue features the unique ecosystem and rich biological species of Longmen Mountain. (2024-05-17). Malaysia to accelerate digital, green development. Chinese companies are expected to play a key role in supporting Malaysia's green and digital economy amid closer China-Malaysia ties. (2024-05-17). China's economy continues to improve despite challenges. China's economy continued to rebound in April while pressures persisted amid an uneven recovery, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday. (2024-05-17). China aims to improve policy measures for 'whitelist' projects. Apart from easing purchasing restrictions, China can also adopt stronger policy measures to boost financing for the real estate industry to ensure the stable recovery of the sector, experts said. (2024-05-17). China's foreign trade hits record high in April. China's foreign trade recorded a new high in April, with trade with traditional and new emerging markets such as the EU, the US, and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partner countries all showing a growth trajectory.

Dongsheng Collective (2024-05-17). China's Foreign Exchange Reserves: Past and Present Security Challenges. (2024-05-17). China's retail sales grow 2.3% in April. China's retail sales increased 2.3 percent year-on-year in April, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday. (2024-05-17). China's Foreign Ministry congratulates Singapore's new prime minister. A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry has extended congratulations to Lawrence Wong on his inauguration on Wednesday as Singapore's fourth prime minister, expressing the hope that bilateral ties can continue to make new progress during his tenure. (2024-05-17). Xi congratulates Arab League Summit. President Xi Jinping reaffirmed on Thursday China's readiness to work with Arab countries to continue carrying forward the spirit of China-Arab friendship and building a higher level of China-Arab community with a shared future.

Bochen Han (2024-05-17). Management of Panama Canal ports by Hong Kong firm poses risks, US House panel hears. Hutchison Ports' ties to Beijing could lead to delays in American civilian and military shipping in case of a conflict with Taiwan, among other problems, says US lawmaker.

Liu Zhen (2024-05-17). Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping agree to expand Russia-China military coordination. Moscow and Beijing say they will expand their joint military exercises, conduct regular joint maritime and air patrols and work together on space programmes. (2024-05-17). Bulgarian China hand: Beijing, a place of opportunity, makes my passion come true. Ivo Ganchev first came to China when he was only 18 years old. In Beijing, a city of a mix of ancient culture and modern life, Ganchev found a lot of opportunities that made his dream come true and his passion. "No matter where I end up in the future, I believe the deep connection to Beijing will always remain an important part of my life," he said.

themoscowtimes (2024-05-17). Putin Touts Economic Ties on Final Day of China Trip. At the opening ceremony of a China-Russia trade expo, Putin hailed his country's energy ties with Beijing and promised to "strengthen" them. (2024-05-17). China rebuffs U.S. accusations on supplying Russia with weapon components: Chinese FM. China has rebuffed U.S. claims accusing the Chinese side of supplying Russia with materials for weapons manufacturing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Thursday. (2024-05-17). Shanghai kicks off Olympic qualifying. Sunshine, exuberance, great athleticism. The Olympic Qualifying Series Shanghai kicked off in grand style on Thursday at the Huangpu Riverside, with enthusiastic spectators swarming into the venue to experience the festival-style event. (2024-05-17). Solar sector shrugs off tariff action. The recent decision by the United States to impose additional tariffs on certain Chinese products, including solar cells, is unlikely to significantly affect the industries concerned in China. (2024-05-17). Xi, Putin attend opening ceremony of China-Russia Years of Culture. Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses the opening ceremony of the China-Russia Years of Culture and a special concert celebrating the 75th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic ties in Beijing, capital of China, May 16, 2024. (2024-05-17). Xi holds restrictive meeting with Putin at Zhongnanhai. Chinese President Xi Jinping held a restrictive meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at Zhongnanhai in Beijing, during which they had in-depth exchanges on strategic issues of common concern. (2024-05-17). Fujian opens one-stop service center for Taiwan people, firms. The Chinese mainland's first labor security and service center for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises was founded in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, in mid-April, providing better services to companies and residents from the country's biggest island.

Agence France-Presse (2024-05-17). For sale: a unique piece of land in strategic Arctic archipelago. Will Chinese buy it? The last piece of privately owned land in the strategic Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic is up for grabs, a property likely to entice China but which Norway does not intend to let go without a fight. (2024-05-17). Concert celebrating 75th anniv. of China-Russia diplomatic relations staged in Beijing. A special concert marking the opening of the China-Russia Years of Culture and the 75th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic relations is held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, May 16, 2024.

Thomas O. Falk (2024-05-17). West must bridge its internal divides or risk becoming irrelevant. Regardless of external challenges like China, the future of the West is imperilled by decaying political institutions and stagnant economic growth. Once havens for freethinking and the exchange of ideas, Western universities have succumbed to extremist viewpoints and an absence of debate. (2024-05-17). Chinese white dolphins spotted in Leizhou Bay. Hailed as "mermaids" and "giant pandas in the sea," this endangered species is under the national first-class protection in China. (2024-05-17). Xi, Putin hold talks in Beijing, charting course for enhanced ties. Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is on a state visit to China, in Beijing on Thursday.

Mia Nulimaimaiti (2024-05-17). What are the 14 Chinese items on the US tariff list, and how important are they to China's exports? The US announced plans on Tuesday to increase tariffs on 14 categories of products from China under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, covering US$18 billion in imports. (2024-05-17). India's economy to grow by 7 pc this year, attracting more investments than China: UN expert. PTC News Desk: An expert at the UN stated that although "less and less" foreign investment is flowing into China, India has demonstrated 'very robust' economic growth and has emerged as a viable investment destination for many Western corporations. The UN also raised upward the country's GDP growth estimate for 2024.As less and less foreign investment is moving into China, India is also benefiting from greater investments pouring into India from other Western sources. For many Western corporations, India has emerged as an alternative source of investment or as a destination. Chief of the Economic Analysis and Po…

Finbarr Bermingham (2024-05-17). China and EU hurtling towards trade war, business chief fears. Frustration said to be mounting on continent and evident in European Commission investigations over Chinese subsidies, such as for electric vehicles.

Eric Worrall (2024-05-17). Biden China Tariffs Infuriate Climate Activists. Climate change news seems to be taking the Chinese line on the tariff issue – but who expected anything different?>

Robert Delaney (2024-05-17). Pentagon warns Beijing about its military ties to Russia, even as Xi and Putin meet. Ely Ratner, US Defence Department's chief for Indo-Pacific security, expresses "serious concern" in video link with Major General Li Bin of China's Central Military Commission. (2024-05-17). Culture and Tourism Year celebrates ties between China, Tanzania. Tanzanian artists perform Taarab music at the opening ceremony of the 2024 China-Tanzania Culture and Tourism Year in Beijing, May 15, 2024.In addition to the documentary premiere, a Tanzanian tourism resource promotion event and a gala featuring traditional Tanzanian music, dance and acrobatics as well as Chinese music, were held as part of the opening ceremony. (2024-05-17). China seen continuing to cut U.S. debt holdings. China is likely to continue to reduce the share of United States debt in its overall foreign exchange reserves as it ramps up efforts to diversify foreign asset portfolios to reduce risk exposure, experts said on Thursday. (2024-05-17). Claims of China supplying Russia 'groundless accusations' says Foreign Ministry. The claims by Washington that China has supplied weapon-making materials to Russia are "groundless accusations", said a Foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday. (2024-05-17). Construction starts on mega undersea link. Tunneling operations began at both ends of China's longest undersea high-speed railway tunnel project on Thursday, according to China Railway's 14th Bureau Group, which is overseeing its construction. (2024-05-17). Foreign Minister to attend SCO meeting ahead of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan visits. Foreign Minister Wang Yi will start a four-day trip on Saturday to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Foreign Ministers Council meeting and pay official visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Prof. Fred H. Lawson (2024-05-17). War Games Risk Stirring Up Troubled Waters as Philippines ‚àí Emboldened by US ‚àí Squares Up to Beijing at Sea. (2024-05-17). The "Feng" of Yunnan Tea ÔΩúCentury-old Yunnan Tuocha Continues the "Bond of Friendship between China and France" Parisian wine is renowned for its flavor, and Dali's tuocha for its aroma. Yunnan Tuocha is the first variety of Pu'er tea to have entered Europe for its superb quality that is defined by the ancient tea trees and the exceptional production processes. (2024-05-17). Xi, Putin attend opening ceremony of China-Russia Years of Culture. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of the China-Russia Years of Culture and a special concert celebrating the 75th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic ties on Thursday in Beijing.

teleSUR, ahf, YSM (2024-05-17). Presidente ruso continúa su visita a China en ciudad de Harbin. Vladimir Putin recalcó su confianza en la interacción fraternal entre ambas naciones, enfatizando en que los rusos y chinos son "hermanos para siempre".

teleSUR, SH (2024-05-17). Putin destaca los logros de la cooperación entre Rusia y China. El presidente ruso afirmó que Moscú y Beijing pueden estar orgullosos de los resultados de los lazos económicos y de cooperación ruso-china. (2024-05-17). Putin in Beijing: Russia, China agree to deepen 'strategic partnership'. The presidents of Russia and China have agreed to deepen their 'strategic partnership', scolding the US for posing threats against their countries.

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2024-05-16: News Headlines

newleftreview (2024-05-16). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2024-05-16). China and Pakistan boost bilateral relations. Beijing, May 16 (Prensa Latina) Pakistan's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Ishaq Dar, arrived in China to review the development of joint projects, mainly those related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, it was announced today.

tvbrics (2024-05-16). Russia and China sign statement on deepening relations. The parties concluded more than 10 agreements at the level of ministries and leading organisations…

tvbrics (2024-05-16). China to increase its grain production this summer. The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration predicts that China will produce more summer grains this year…

aljazeera (2024-05-16). 'Old friend' Putin and China's Xi strengthen strategic ties at summit. Leaders present relationship as stabilising force as Putin expresses gratitude to crucial ally in Ukraine war. (2024-05-16). Top students less keen on overseas courses. Students at regular higher education institutions in China have been the most eager to study overseas in the past decade, according to a report released on Wednesday. (2024-05-15). Ties at highest level, Putin says ahead of China visit. Putin highlighted the sound development of Russia-China relations in a written interview with Xinhua News Agency, saying, "Russia-China relations have reached the highest level ever, and despite the difficult global situation, continue to get stronger." (2024-05-15). Premier: Foreign firms welcome. China welcomes foreign enterprises, including those from the United Kingdom, to continue investing in the country, Premier Li Qiang said on Wednesday, reiterating Beijing's commitment to further opening-up.

John Wojcik, Mark Gruenberg, Ben Chacko (2024-05-16). U.S. rejects China's proposal to ban first use of nuclear weapons. The U.S. has dismissed Chinese calls for a no-first-use treaty between nuclear weapons states, saying it has questions about China's "sincerity." The outright dismissal of China's proposal followed a major speech in which Biden announced radical tariffs of up to 100 percent, on steel imports from China. That speech follows months of U.S. military buildup …

Bochen Han (2024-05-16). US House committee moves quickly to approve bill limiting business with Chinese biotech firms. The bill would prevent federal agencies from contracting with five Chinese biotech companies — BGI Group, MGI, Complete Genomics, Wuxi AppTec, and Wuxi Biologics.

Hong Kong Free Press (2024-05-16). Google blocks access to pro-democracy protest song in Hong Kong after court ruling.

Anand Naidoo (2024-05-16). The Heat: AUKUS in Asia. China says efforts to expand the AUKUS security pact will destabilize Asia and the Indo-Pacific. AUKUS, the security alliance formed by Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, is reaching out to other nations including Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Canada. | Would expansion of AUKUS bring regional instability? | Joining the discussion: | (2024-05-16). Xi, Putin attend signing ceremony of cooperation documents. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the signing ceremony of cooperation documents in Beijing on Thursday. (2024-05-16). Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. On the morning of May 16, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a restrictive meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is in China on a state visit, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (2024-05-16). China achieves localization of core high-density connectivity module for quantum computing. China has realized domestic production of a core component for the nation's self-developed quantum computer named "Origin Wukong," breaking foreign monopoly and further cementing China's leading position in global quantum computing research and development. (2024-05-16). Survey seeks views on allowing pets to travel on high-speed trains. A survey of people's opinions on allowing pets to ride on China's high-speed trains has ignited a lively discussion online, with some arguing it would greatly benefit pet owners and others raising concerns about hygiene and practicality. (2024-05-15). Visa-free entry allowed for tour groups at all cruise ports. China announced and implemented on Wednesday a policy allowing visa-free entry of foreign tourist groups aboard cruise ships via all cruise ship ports along the country's coastline. (2024-05-16). Embassy on new tariffs: China to do 'whatever necessary' to defend its interests. A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in the United States has urged the U.S. to "earnestly" abide by World Trade Organization rules and immediately cancel the additional tariffs it decided to impose on electric vehicles and some other products from China. (2024-05-16). U.S. tariffs on PV imports 'to have limited impact' on Chinese firms. Major Chinese photovoltaic (PV) enterprises said that the U.S. move to double tariff rates on PV cell imports from China to 50 percent would have a limited impact on them, according to media reports. (2024-05-16). China urges U.S., UK and Australia to stop AUKUS nuclear submarine deal: FM spokesperson. China will continue to utilize platforms such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), review process to thoroughly discuss the political, legal, and technical issues related to the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal.

Phoebe Zhang (2024-05-16). Why so many Chinese women feel invisible to their gynaecologist. A viral video on Weibo has sparked discussion on painful medical tools and the lack of care women suffer during gynaecology appointments. While pain relief treatments such as epidurals during labour remain uncommon in China, hospitals can still do more to provide comfort and communicate with patients. (2024-05-16). China, Pakistan vow to deepen cooperation. China and Pakistan have reiterated their commitment to further deepening cooperation in various fields and jointly responding to risks and challenges to enrich their all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

Associated Press (2024-05-16). US billionaire Frank McCourt says he's readying bid to buy TikTok. The real estate mogul and former LA Dodgers owner says he's putting together a consortium to buy the app from China-based ByteDance. (2024-05-16). Chinese Coast Guard issues warnings to Philippine vessels near Huangyan Island. The Chinese coast guard lawfully conducted routine law enforcement activities in the waters near Huangyan Island in the South China Sea on Wednesday, according to a report from China Central Television. (2024-05-16). E-commerce employee charged with graft. An e-commerce platform employee in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, has been prosecuted on suspicion of taking 92 million yuan ($12.7 million) in bribes from businesses. (2024-05-16). Central bank issues heart-shaped commemorative coins, gaining public attention. The People's Bank of China announced on Monday that a set of 2024 auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coins will be issued on May 20, among which, two heart-shaped commemorative coins have caught the attention of the public. (2024-05-16). Huawei's operating system gaining clout. Huawei Technologies Co announced on Wednesday that more than 800 million devices in China, including its own-branded products as well as devices from third-party companies, have now been equipped with its self-developed operating system Harmony-OS.

Staff (2024-05-16). Vladimir Putin's state visit to China as reported by WION Indian global television. It was a pleasure earlier today to discuss with WION moderator Shivan Chanana what results we may expect from the ongoing visit to China of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As you will see from this exchange and from the messages presented on the running band of text at the bottom of the screen, India's global … (2024-05-16). Xi, Putin sign, issue joint statement on deepening China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed and issued a joint statement on deepening China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era.

Will Jones (2024-05-16). The Smoking Gun in America: COVID-19 Virus Transmits in American Lab Animals But Not Chinese Lab Animals. Everyone assumes the virus that leaked in Wuhan was made in Wuhan. But they're ignoring the smoking gun in America: the fact that the COVID-19 virus transmits in American lab animals but not Chinese lab animals. (2024-05-15). Foreign minister accuses U.S. of bullying China with sanctions. Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the United States on Wednesday of repeatedly imposing unilateral sanctions to suppress China, vowing such bullying and hegemonic behaviors would be crushed by wheels of history. (2024-05-16). China's expanded visa-free policy to boost cruise travel. Foreign tourist groups arriving in China by cruise ship via all ports along the country's coastline will be exempt from visas, the country announced on Wednesday. (2024-05-16). Marine ecological pasture complex gains development momentum in E China. Aerial view of a marine ranch with a wind power plant in Rongcheng, east China's Shandong Province, May 15, 2024. (2024-05-16). Brokerages' deal augurs well for capital market recast. Regulators' strengthened supervision will help China's capital market to mature toward its high-quality development, domain experts said on Wednesday after reviewing the latest market consolidation deal in the segment of securities brokerages. (2024-05-16). Made-in-Russia Goods Mall to open in Harbin. The Made-in-Russia Goods Mall opening on Thursday in Harbin, capital of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, has attracted over 80 Russian manufacturing enterprises. (2024-05-15). Chinese mainland to take legal action against smear campaigns. The Chinese mainland will take legal action against Taiwan political commentators spreading rumors to smear the mainland, Chen Binhua, a spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said on Wednesday. (2024-05-16). Magnificent scenery of Gangshika snow peak in Qinghai. Gangshika snow peak with an altitude of over 5,000 meters is the Crystal Palace of the Queen Mother of the West in the myth. Its ice, snow, gravel and small rock wall make it a perfect destination for climbers. (2024-05-15). U.S. tariffs on PV imports 'to have limited impact' on Chinese firms. Major Chinese photovoltaic (PV) enterprises said that the U.S. move to double tariff rates on PV cell imports from China to 50 percent would have a limited impact on them, according to media reports. (2024-05-16). Rumormongers in Taiwan to face sanctions. The Chinese mainland will take action against Taiwan political commentators who are spreading rumors to smear the mainland, Chen Binhua, a spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said on Wednesday. (2024-05-15). Chinese Coast Guard issues warnings to Philippine vessels near Huangyan Island. The Chinese coast guard lawfully conducted routine law enforcement activities in the waters near Huangyan Island in the South China Sea on Wednesday, according to a report from China Central Television. (2024-05-16). Beijing warns Manila not to abuse fishing arrangement. China has warned the Philippines not to abuse its goodwill arrangement that allows Filipinos to fish with small boats in designated waters near China's Huangyan Island in the South China Sea. (2024-05-16). Folk festival Siyueba celebrated in Guizhou. Miao ethnic people dressed in traditional costumes celebrate Siyueba, or the eighth day of the fourth month in the Miao calendar, in Huangping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, May 15, 2024. (2024-05-16). (W.E. Talk) Ramping up tariffs on China, blatant U.S. double standard on so-called China 'overcapacity'. What is the intention of Western politicians to hype up the so-called China "Overcapacity theory"? What is the purpose of the United States imposing tariffs on China and insisting on ramping up tariff barriers?How has the development of China's new energy and other industries contributed to the realization of global climate goals and global energy transition? | In the latest W.E. Talk, Wang Yiwei, dean of EU Research Center at Renmin University of China and chair professor at Jean Monnet, Warwick Powell, adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology and senior fellow at the Taihe Institute and founder,… (2024-05-16). Scientists identify immunity protein in rice. Shanghai scientists have identified a "brake" in rice that regulates whether the plant needs to kick off an immune response or to grow, which may bring insights into cultivating rice species that achieve the best balance between immunity and growth. (2024-05-15). Central bank issues heart-shaped commemorative coins, gaining public attention. The People's Bank of China announced on Monday that a set of 2024 auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coins will be issued on May 20, among which, two heart-shaped commemorative coins have caught the attention of the public. (2024-05-16). China ignites first vertical high-altitude engine simulation test stand. China's first vertical high-altitude engine simulation test stand successfully ignited on Wednesday, marking its preparedness for liquid-propellant rocket engines. (2024-05-16). Solar exec debunks 'overcapacity' claims. China's initiatives in advancing photovoltaic imports and exports, along with green technology transfers, have been instrumental in driving the transition toward a more environmentally friendly world, said a solar power company executive. (2024-05-16). Xi holds welcome ceremony for Putin. President Xi Jinping held a welcome ceremony for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is on a state visit to China, on Thursday morning at the square outside the east gate of the Great Hall of the People. (2024-05-16). Beijing, Washington take steps to raise awareness on AI. "The two sides had in-depth, professional and constructive exchange of views on AI science and technology risks, global governance, and other issues of concern," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. (2024-05-15). China urges U.S., UK and Australia to stop AUKUS nuclear submarine deal: FM spokesperson. China will continue to utilize platforms such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), review process to thoroughly discuss the political, legal, and technical issues related to the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal.

The Independent (2024-05-16). Electric cars pile up. Chinese firms struggle to find buyers ANALYSIS | TOM STACEY | China's automotive industry has revolutionised over the past decade, from producing basic western clones to making cars that equal the world's best. As the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, China is also producing them in huge volumes. However, Chinese cars are facing difficulties in finding … (2024-05-16). Xi holds talks with Putin. Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is on a state visit to China, in Beijing on Thursday. (2024-05-16). Xi, Putin jointly meet press. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly met the press in Beijing on Thursday.

teleSUR, SH (2024-05-16). Xi Jinping afirma que las relaciones con Rusia son un punto de referencia. El presidente Xi Jinping, aseguró que su relación con Rusia es "propicia a la paz" mundial y abogó por reforzar su cooperación.

Pablo Rafael Fuentes (2024-05-16). Declaración conjunta entre Rusia y China abre nueva era. La Habana, 16 may (RHC) La declaración conjunta sobre la profundización de la asociación estratégica integral suscrita hoy en Beijing por Xi Jinping y Vladimir Putin abre una nueva era, a 75 años del establecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas entre China y Rusia.

teleSUR, SH (2024-05-16). Arranca reunión entre Xi Jinping y Vladimir Putin en China. La reunión del jueves entre Putin y Xi Jinping se centrará en el conflicto ruso-ucraniano, el genocidio en Gaza y otros de "interés geopolítico global."

teleSUR, ahf, YSM (2024-05-16). Presidente ruso llega a China en visita oficial. El arribo del presidente eslavo a territorio asiático responde a un gesto similar de amistad realizado por el presidente chino Xi Jinping el año pasado. (2024-05-16). Putin in China on 1st state visit after re-elected as Russia's president. Putin has arrived in China on his first state visit after he was sworn in as Russia's president earlier this month.

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2024-05-15: News Headlines

Mick Hall, Consortium News. (2024-05-15). US-China Rivalry Riles Tiny Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands will continue its security pact and economic ties with China after the election of Jeremiah Manele as the country's new prime minister. | Manele, a former foreign minister in Manasseh Sogavare's outgoing government, needed the support of independent MPs to form a government after his Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party surprised many by losing its outright majority. It took 15 seats in the April 17 election, down from 37 at the last election. | Western pundits have cast the new leader as a less "divisive" figure than his "pro-China" predecessor, but many see Manele facing the same difficultie…

infobrics (2024-05-15). Argentina threatens to involve US and China in Antarctic dispute with Chile. Milei is misguided in believing Washington will favour Argentina in the Malvinas issue.

infobrics (2024-05-15). Russia Gives Mixed Signals About Common BRICS Digital Currency. At the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit last year, the much-anticipated announcement of a common digital currency gave way to talk about using local currencies for cross border payments. Now BRICS has expanded from five to ten members and Russia is currently the organization Chair…

newleftreview (2024-05-15). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

latintimes (2024-05-15). Asian Markets Mixed As Focus Turns To US Inflation Report. There was also some nervousness on trading floors after Beijing hit out at Washington's decision to impose steep tariff hikes on Chinese imports such as electric vehicles and semiconductors.

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-05-15). Russian FM to attend meeting of SCO counterparts in Astana. Moscow, May 15 (Prensa Latina) The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, will attend the meeting of counterparts of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Kazakhstan, reported the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

teleSUR (2024-05-15). BRICS Enters a New Era of Greater BRICS Cooperation: Putin. On the eve of his two-day state visit to Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin highly values the collaboration between Russia and China on the international stage. | RELATED: | The Russian leader stated that his country and the Chinese nation hold similar or identical positions on key issues in the international agenda. | Both advocate for the primacy role of international law, and support equal, indivisible, comprehensive and sustainabl…

themoscowtimes (2024-05-15). Putin Hails China's 'Genuine Desire' to Help Resolve Ukraine War. Putin arrives in Beijing on Thursday, seeking to win greater support from China for his war in Ukraine and Russia's isolated economy.

aljazeera (2024-05-15). 'Genuine desire': Putin backs China peace plan to end Ukraine war. Isolated Putin to meet Xi to rally support for the war, but cautious China is wary of punitive measures from the West.

WSWS (2024-05-15). Biden administration intensifies economic war against China. Under national security powers, the US has lifted tariffs on electric vehicles to 100 percent, along with tariff hikes on a range of high-tech and industrial products.

WSWS (2024-05-15). Biden administration intensifies economic war against China. Under national security powers, the US has raised tariffs on electric vehicles to 100 percent, along with tariff hikes on a range of high-tech and industrial products. (2024-05-15). U.S. increased tariffs on China's electric vehicles a large mistake. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday that the U.S. tariff increases on electric vehicles and semiconductors from China is another mistake Washington has made after it continuously politicizes economic and trade issues. (2024-05-15). China, U.S. engage in in-depth, professional and constructive exchanges on AI. China and the U.S. held their first meeting of intergovernmental dialogue on AI in Geneva on Tuesday local time. Both sides engaged in in-depth, professional, and constructive exchanges of views on AI technology risks, global governance, and other issues of mutual concern. (2024-05-15). Brunei, China eager to raise partnership to new high. China stands ready to work with Brunei to deepen and expand cooperation and raise the strategic cooperative partnership to a new high, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday. (2024-05-15). Experts: China's consumer spending to see positive growth in April. The year-on-year growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in China will probably exceed 3.1 percent in April, Securities Daily reported on Tuesday, citing experts. (2024-05-15). EHang targets pilotless aircraft biz in Middle East. EHang Holdings Ltd will help foster collaboration and communication between the civil aviation authorities of China and the United Arab Emirates to expedite commercial flights of pilotless aircraft in the Middle East. (2024-05-15). Beijing, Seoul willing to manage rift, improve ties. The latest engagement between the foreign ministers of China and the Republic of Korea has signaled the two countries' willingness to manage differences and improve ties, marking a new starting point in high-level bilateral exchanges. (2024-05-15). China warns about impending hot-dry wind. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the China Meteorological Administration jointly issued on Tuesday a warning with information on dry-hot wind disasters across China over the upcoming weekend. (2024-05-15). UK criticized for accusations against HK. Officials from the central authorities and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have condemned the United Kingdom for making unjustified accusations about Hong Kong. (2024-05-15). China vows 'all necessary measures' against additional U.S. tariffs. MOF on Tuesday urged the U.S. to immediately cancel the additional tariffs on Chinese products and vowed to take resolute measures to defend its rights over U.S.' announcement to increase tariffs on Chinese products including electric vehicles (EVs)…

Robert Delaney (2024-05-15). Biden says new China tariffs are needed to protect US industries from companies subsidised by Beijing. US President Joe Biden also gives his action a political edge, criticising Donald Trump, his predecessor and challenger for re-election, for failing to increase US exports and boost manufacturing. (2024-05-15). 9 Shenzhen companies included on Fortune ESG list. Nine Shenzhen enterprises made it onto a list of China's most influential firms in terms of ESG development, according to the latest report by Fortune China. (2024-05-15). China demands immediateremoval of new U.S. tariffs. China has urged the United States to immediately lift the additional tariffs imposed on Chinese products, warning that it will take resolute actions to protect the country's rights and interests, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday. (2024-05-15). LNG-powered ship boosts Yangtze transportation. It is the first time that a 10,000-ton seagoing vessel directly reached the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is also the country's longest direct shipping route, from the East China Sea to a river port in Southwest China. (2024-05-15). China waives visas for foreign cruise groups to coastal regions. China has introduced a visa-free policy for foreign tour groups arriving by cruise ship in its coastal regions, the National Immigration Administration announced on Wednesday.

Bochen Han (2024-05-15). Asian-American groups launch database tracking hate and bias directed at New York City community. Project funded by the Committee of 100 and The Asian American Foundation gathers incident submissions from victims amid high concern over harassment. (2024-05-15). Intercity rails in Guangdong begin trial operations. The Guangzhou-Foshan South Ring Line and Foshan-Dongguan Intercity railways opened for trial operations on Tuesday in Guangdong. (2024-05-15). State Grid Shanghai branch launches 2024 energy conservation promotion week. State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company on Monday held the "Join Hands in Electricity Conservation to Create a Green City" electricity conservation promotion and launch ceremony at the Peihua Service Center in Pudong New Area, focusing on guiding society to adopt a green, low-carbon production and lifestyle, and supporting Shanghai's efforts in achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

Finbarr Bermingham (2024-05-15). EU feels heat from all sides as decision on Chinese EV duties looms. Some EU member states with major automotive ties to China are voicing their opposition to any push to match US import tariffs, or to impose any duties at all.

Grace Coleman (2024-05-15). New Screen Fest showcases 26 student-made films at DCTV. On Saturday, May 11, the second annual New Screen Fest took place at DCTV, a community media center in Chinatown. The event featured 26 student-made films and lasted from 11: 00 a.m. to 6: 45 p.m. For the first time, the New Screen Fest was available to take as a course titled Lang Film Festival during the… (2024-05-15). China's first offshore multi-layer heavy oil thermal recovery oilfield starts drilling. Jinzhou 23-2, China's first offshore multi-layer heavy oil thermal recovery oil field began drilling on Wednesday in the waters of the Bohai sea in north China. (2024-05-15). Tesla secures major construction permit. U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla's energy storage project in Lin-gang, eastern Shanghai — the first of its kind outside the United States — is expected to break ground this month and enter mass production in the first quarter of 2025. (2024-05-15). Xi and Putin to hold talks in Beijing. Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a state visit to China from Thursday to Friday, the first foreign trip since he was sworn in for his fifth term as Russian president on May 7. (2024-05-15). China sees fruits from facilitating foreign visitor payments. China is seeking greater breakthroughs in facilitating foreign visitors' payments by the end of June as relevant efforts have borne initial fruits with overseas visitors' onshore payments as bank cards and mobile payment saw double-digit growth last month. (2024-05-15). Plan lays out upgrades for nation's road network. China has unveiled a comprehensive guideline aimed at supporting the digital transformation and upgrade of its highways and waterways, as part of broader efforts to modernize the country's transportation infrastructure. (2024-05-15). China voices serious concern over spying charges against Chinese citizens in UK. China on Tuesday voiced serious concern over the arrest and prosecution of the Chinese citizens and strongly urge the UK to earnestly protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the UK. (2024-05-15). Apple's Vision Pro gains 3C certification in China. U.S. tech giant Apple's headset Vision Pro has achieved a significant milestone before entering the Chinese market, gaining official approval from China Compulsory Certification 3C certification, paving the way for its sale on the Chinese mainland market. (2024-05-15). Ethiopia-Djibouti railway injects strong impetus into local development: FM. The Ethiopia-Djibouti railway is the first standard-gauge railway in East Africa and a flagship project between China and the two countries under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). (2024-05-15). Two-color water lily blooms in West Lake. A water lily with two colors blooms in West Lake, Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, May 14, 2024. (2024-05-15). New rate swap contract in the offing. In a bid to expand the opening-up of financial markets, China will launch a key standardized interest rate swap contract under the Swap Connect, and continue to waive clearing fees, as the program approaches its first anniversary.

Anand Naidoo (2024-05-15). The Heat: China-Pakistan Ties. Pakistan's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar is in China for four days of talks. Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a flagship project under China's Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing has pledged more than $65 billion for road, rail and other infrastructure projects. | Joining the discussion: | John Gong is a professor at the University of International Business and Economics. | (2024-05-15). Stunning sunset glow illuminates Beijing sky. Stunning sunset glow illuminates the sky in Beijing on Tuesday. (2024-05-15). Over 160 Chinese citizens engaged in offshore gambling in Philippines repatriated. the law enforcement departments of China and the Philippines once again worked together to repatriate over 160 Chinese citizens involved in offshore gambling in the Philippines, according to an announcement by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

Brian Y. S. Wong (2024-05-15). Sino-US youth exchanges are vital — and Hong Kong has a role to play. Amid threats such as climate change, more exchanges and dialogues between young people in the US and China can help forge trust. Hong Kong also has a crucial role to play when it comes to connecting youth across the Pacific, owing to its unique concentration of intellectual capital.

Pablo Rafael Fuentes (2024-05-15). Relaciones ruso-china están al más alto nivel, manifiesta Putin. La Habana, 15 may (RHC) El presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin, en entrevista concedida a la agencia Xinhua, consideró que las relaciones entre Moscú y Beijing alcanzaron el nivel más alto de su historia, destacó hoy el Kremlin.

teleSUR, idg, JCM (2024-05-15). Visita de Putin a China fortalecerá relaciones bilaterales. Los presidentes Putin y Xi tienen previsto la firma de una declaración conjunta y varios documentos bilaterales.

hindustantimes (2024-05-15). Jaishankar's Big Warning To Indian Businesses On China Trade, Days After Xi Jinping's Europe Tour.

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2024-05-10: News Headlines

Julianne Tveten, Fairness, Accuracy in Reporting. (2024-05-10). TikTok Law Is An Attempt To Censor, Not A Warning To Big Tech. As US lawmakers' agitation over TikTok culminates in a law that threatens a nationwide ban if the social media platform isn't sold to a US buyer within nine months, an emergent media narrative finds a silver lining. Every legislative move targeting TikTok, the story goes, has the potential to inspire much-needed regulation of tech behemoths like Meta, Amazon, Google and Apple. | But by conflating the US's legal treatment of TikTok—a subsidiary of the Beijing-based ByteDance—with that of its own tech industry, media obscure the real reasons for the law's passage. This was apparent in a New York Times p…

infobrics (2024-05-10). Serbia's close ties with China show its future lies in BRICS. Xi Jinping pointed out that relations between China and Serbia are "sealed by blood" and that "the friendship of the countries will forever remain in the common memory of the Chinese and Serbian people". Such words certainly resonate quite strongly in both countries.

Pablo Ruiz Espinoza (2024-05-10). USA: Between war and the courage to negotiate. President Joe Biden's recent decision to approve a $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan is very bad for the world because it assures us that conflicts and military escalation will continue, with undoubted consequences for everyone. | Before this presidential approval, DW News reported that the US House of Representatives had approved the military aid package, showing a representative speaking on the floor of the US Congress with a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping, and Iran's Ebrahim Raisol-Sadati on a lectern behind him. | The image more than eloquently s…

newleftreview (2024-05-10). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

Dave DeCamp (2024-05-10). Chinese Military Monitors US Warship's Transit Through Taiwan Strait. The Chinese military said that it monitored the transit of a US Navy Destroyer that sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, which came as the US and the Philippines are conducting major drills in the region. Col. Li Xi, spokesman for the Chinese military's Eastern Theater Command, condemned the USS Halsey's transit and said …

Michael Hudson (2024-05-10). The Parallels Between Archaic Entrepots and Modern Offshore Banking Centers. A discussion of the origins of urbanization may provide some insight into the character of modern social problems by highlighting the long historical dynamic at work. It may not be out of place here to point out that anti‚Äëstates are well known in the modern world, above all in what the U.S. Federal Reserve Board classifies as eleven offshore banking centers. Five such enclaves are in the Caribbean: Panama, the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), Bermuda, the Bahamas, and the British West Indies (Cayman Islands). Three enclaves—Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore—were founded to conduct the C…

latintimes (2024-05-10). Chip Giant TSMC's April Revenue Jumps 60% On-year. Taiwanese chip giant TSMC said on Friday that April revenue jumped nearly 60 percent on-year, riding a huge wave of demand for the advanced semiconductors used in AI hardware.

latintimes (2024-05-10). Einstein And Anime: Hong Kong University Tests AI Professors. Using virtual reality headsets, students at a Hong Kong university travel to a pavilion above the clouds to watch an AI-generated Albert Einstein explain game theory.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-10). China condemns unilateral US sanctions on its firms. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian stressed the legitimate right of China and Russia to engage in usual economic and trade cooperation, which should not be interfered with or restricted. | The spokesperson also underscored the constant US crackdown on Chinese companies under the pretext of "national security risks" without providing any evidence. | He urged Washington to halt the generalization of this concept and stop politicizing, exploiting, and militarizing economic, trade, and technology issues. | "China will continue to take necessary steps to defend firmly, the legitimate rights and interests of its e…

Redacción Chile (2024-05-10). The BRICS — Is another world possible? The BRICS is the name given to the group of five countries that began to form this group and to work consensually in areas such as trade, investment, technology, and finance, to promote their common interests on the world stage, seeking to counter the hegemony of other international institutions such as the G7 or the World Bank. The group was formally established in 2006 when the leaders of the member countries met in New Delhi, India. In 2010, South Africa joined the group to form what is now known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). | By Felix Madariaga | The BRICS are seen by many as an… (2024-05-10). Market lauds realty policy easing in Hangzhou, Xi'an. By taking the lead among major cities in scrapping all restrictions on homebuying, Hangzhou and Xi'an have set the tone in terms of effecting measures that boost market confidence and help the market to stabilize…

Ralph Jennings (2024-05-10). China scouts Hungary to power EV battery production and sell to wider, warier EU. As China looks to tap Europe's vast market for lithium batteries, Hungary has become an attractive destination for production to make logistics simpler — and bypass EU trade investigations. (2024-05-10). China allows the import of Hungarian fresh cherries that meet relevant requirements. China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) announced on Friday that it has allowed, effective immediately, the import of Hungarian fresh cherries that meet relevant requirements. (2024-05-10). In Numbers: Highlights of China-Hungary relations. (2024-05-10). China in Diplomat's EyesÔΩúVibrant China through lens by Jordanian diplomat. From the ancient city of Xi'an to the host city of the 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou, and from the world-famous "porcelain capital" of Jingdezhen to modern cities like Beijing and Shanghai, China showcases both profound history and vibrant development momentum with rapid changes, as captured through the lens of Ma'moun Al Faqier, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. (2024-05-10). China-U.S. trade remains stable in first four months of 2024. The U.S. remained as China's third largest trade partner in the first four months this year, with the total trade volume between the two countries rising by 1.1 percent year-on-year.

Reuters (2024-05-10). Chinese companies hit with US trade restrictions over spy balloon incident. Other entities were added to the list for allegedly trying to obtain US quantum technology for China, or for seeking US parts for military drones. (2024-05-10). Full text: China-Hungary Joint Statement on the Establishment of an All-Weather Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for the New Era. The following is the full text of a joint statement on the establishment of an all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership for the new era released by China and Hungary on Thursday. (2024-05-10). Insights | 'Most important partner': former Serbian senior diplomat spoke highly of Serbia-China ironclad friendship. Serbia has perceived China as the most important partner in modernizing its economy, said Zivadin Jovanovic, president of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and Silk Road Connectivity Research Center and former Serbian senior diplomat, during an interview with China News Network recently. (2024-05-10). Beijing, Budapest carry ties forward. President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that the China-Hungary relationship is now at its best in history, and he called on the two sides to summarize the valuable experience of the past and continue deepening practical cooperation in various sectors.

Khushboo Razdan (2024-05-10). New tech, old conflict: gallium claim pits US future priorities against environmental impact. A project to mine gallium in a national forest would help reduce US reliance on China but it faces local opposition from conservationists. (2024-05-10). Agreement boosts joint work on parks. An agreement to promote friendly cooperation between China's Giant Panda National Park and the Pyrenees National Park in France was recently reached by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the French Biodiversity Agency, the administration has announced. (2024-05-10). Intelligent heavy-haul electric locomotive rolls off production line in C China. China's first intelligent heavy-haul electric locomotive officially rolled off the product line in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province on Thursday.

Khushboo Razdan (2024-05-10). Eric Garcetti, US ambassador to India, emphasises American trust in New Delhi amid China threats. Eric Garcetti defends India's role as check against China, pointing out its early TikTok ban and loss of soldiers along the disputed border. (2024-05-10). Two Chinese mega-cities lift curbs on buying homes to shore up real estate market. Two Chinese mega-cities, Hangzhou in East China's Zhejiang Province and Xi'an in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, said on Thursday they would lift all home purchase restrictions to shore up the local real estate market and boost market confidence.

Mark Magnier (2024-05-10). Chinese billionaire sentenced 7 months by US federal court for illegal political donations and fraud. Now facing deportation, Qin Hui decried for 'brazen flouting' in case said to involve campaign contributions to New York city mayor and US congressman.

Daniel Wagner (2024-05-10). Contain China? Washington, that ship has sailed. Unlike the Soviet Union in the 1980s, China has a highly diversified economy and capable defences making it unlikely to collapse or be contained. Despite what some pundits in Washington may believe, much of the world would not readily join the US in a war or containment strategy against China… (2024-05-10). Full Text: Outcome list of President Xi Jinping's state visit to Hungary. From May 8 to 10, 2024, President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China paid a state visit to Hungary.

Reuters (2024-05-10). 2 Britons accused of spying for China, to face trial for breaching UK secrets act. The men, ex-researcher Christopher Cash, 29, and Christopher Berry, 32, were charged last month with providing prejudicial information to China in breach of the Official Secrets Act. (2024-05-10). Scenery of karst sinkhole in Guangxi. Sunshine casts into a karst sinkhole in Hechi, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, attracting many visitors. (2024-05-10). India's Navy may face new challenges with China's new super-carrier. PTC News Desk: Following a brief sea testing, the 80,000-ton warship known as the Fujian, China's first super-carrier on Friday, has returned to port. An important turning point in China's military and naval capabilities has been reached with the construction of the aircraft carrier, the country's most sophisticated vessel of its kind.According to the reports, China's first indigenous aircraft carrier design, the Fujian, or Type 003 class carrier, is the first to use electromagnetic catapults and an integrated propulsion system. The goal of the electromagnetic catapults, which will eventually replace the traditi… (2024-05-10). Insights | Head-of-state diplomacy boosts France-China relations: French scholar. The state visits of President Xi to three European countries signal peace, cooperation, and dialogue, as they are occurring in the context of huge tensions, said Sébastien Drochon, senior fellow of the Schiller Institute in France, in an exclusive interview with China News Network. (2024-05-10). Insights丨Mutual trust reinforces Serbia's ironclad friendship with China: former Serbian senior diplomat. Jovanovic spoke highly of the ironclad friendship between Serbia and China, which was reinforced by mutual trust. He also expressed hopes for more cooperation in the future. (2024-05-10). Expert on Xi's 'European moment': Europe and China should meet each other halfway. Cui Hongjian said that both China and Europe share a strong consensus on countering hegemony and pursuing multi-polarization, while their economic cooperation remains resilient, with Europe demonstrating a growing willingness to collaborate with China. (2024-05-10). China urges U.S. to create enabling environment for bilateral cooperation: FM. China urged the U.S. to create an enabling environment for bilateral relations and cooperation across various fields, noting that the generalization of the concept of national security will finally harm its own interests. (2024-05-10). Envoy: China's South-South advocacy boosts trade, investment. China's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday emphasized that the country will persist as a strong advocate for South-South cooperation and support its trade and investment for sustainable development.

Reuters (2024-05-10). Chinese companies hit with US trade restrictions over 'spy balloon' incident. Other entities were added to the list for allegedly trying to obtain US quantum technology for China, or for seeking US parts for military drones.

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2024-05-09: News Headlines

Jerry Grey, Black Agenda Report. (2024-05-09). The State Department Report On Human Rights. There's plenty of media coverage on what he came for, and the messages he wanted to deliver but the main thrust of his first day was the wave of media reports on what he felt about China's human rights record. | In a 1283-word preface, signed by Blinken there are 49 words related to China but these 49 words achieved all the media attention. They were: | The Report documents ongoing grave human rights abuses in the People's Republic of China (PRC). For example, in Xinjiang, the PRC continues to carry out genocide, crimes against humanity, forced labour, and other human rights violations against predominantly Musli…

newleftreview (2024-05-09). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

Staff (2024-05-09). President Maduro Meets with Communist Party Delegation From China. The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, held a meeting with a delegation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), led by the vice minister of the International Department of the party, Chen Zhou. | In the meeting, reported by a Venezuelan presidency press release this Wednesday, May 8, the Venezuelan head of state was accompanied by First Lady Cilia Flores; Deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra; the vice minister for Latin America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Rander Peña; and the vice minister for Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania, Tatiana Pugh. | On the Chinese side, Zhou w…

latintimes (2024-05-09). China's Xi In Hungary To Celebrate 'New Era' With Orban. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will host Chinese President Xi Jinping in Budapest on Thursday in a bid to strengthen already flourishing ties between Beijing and its closest EU ally.

latintimes (2024-05-09). Chinese City Lifts Curbs On Buying Homes As Property Crisis Bites. One of China's wealthiest cities said Thursday it would lift all restrictions on buying homes, joining a growing list of urban areas rolling back curbs as they look to prop up the faltering property market.

Ana Luisa Brown (2024-05-09). China condemns US unilateral sanctions for ties with Russia. Beijing, May 9 (Prensa Latina) The Chinese Government on Thursday rejected the latest sanctions announced by the United States against nearly 300 international institutions and individuals, including 20 Chinese companies, for alleged links with the Russian military sector.

Ana Luisa Brown (2024-05-09). China rejects foreign interference in Taiwan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian made these statements when referring to the phrase 'any contingency for Taiwan is a contingency for Japan,' a notion preached by some parties in Japan and Taiwan. | "By repeating and exaggerating such rhetoric, the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) is essentially telling the world that their underlying logic is to ingratiate themselves with Japan, sell out Taiwan and seek independence by demanding foreign support," the spokesman added. | Lin stressed that the One-China principle is a universal consensus and therefore, no separatist attempt 'will go anywhere, no matter what it…

WSWS (2024-05-09). In France, Xi rejects Macron's call for China to pressure Russia in Ukraine war. The summit unfolded under the shadow of French threats to send ground troops to Ukraine, and Russian threats to respond to a NATO ground invasion with nuclear weapons.

WSWS (2024-05-09). New bans on Huawei: Another shot in Biden's economic war on China. The rise of Chinese hi-tech companies such as Huawei highlight the historic decline of US imperialism which is prepared to resort to all methods to maintain its global economic and military dominance.

WSWS (2024-05-09). Australian chopper and Chinese fighter involved in so-called "near miss" The Australian government and media, as well as the US, have deliberately inflated the incident, exploiting it to again ratchet up tensions with Beijing.

The Independent (2024-05-09). Global tech giants in Africa AI gold rush. Multinationals are opening a new battle front to shape the development, use, and governance of artificial intelligence in Africa, as African countries rush to create their own AI policies. SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | Global technology giants including Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Nvidia, and Google are lining up to tap into a multi-billion dollar opportunity …

Wang Wen (2024-05-09). No good reason for Europe to follow the US' China containment strategy. Europeans' sense of autonomy, the political lurch to the right and the urgent need for economic recovery are just a few factors suggesting Europe will break free from US-centric thinking.

Khushboo Razdan (2024-05-09). Amid China tech advances, US national security is 'foremost': top Biden official. American vulnerability to Chinese overcapacity also a concern being tackled, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo tells key House Appropriations committee. (2024-05-09). Seven-item notice scraps restrictions on homebuying in Hangzhou. Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, announced the scrapping of all restrictions on homebuying from Thursday. (2024-05-09). 'Panda Train' on China-Laos railway makes debut in SW China. The train, decorated with images, paintings, and mascots of giant panda and named as "Panda Train", which operates along Southwest China's Guiyang and Xishuangbanna cities and Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang in Laos, departed from Guiyang on Wednesday. (2024-05-09). Serbian blueberries to be imported to China. Serbia-produced fresh blueberries that meet requirements will be allowed to be imported to China with immediate effect, China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) announced on Thursday. (2024-05-09). China sends Smart Skynet-1 01 satellite into space. A Long March-3B carrier rocket carrying the Smart Skynet-1 01 satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province, May 9, 2024. (2024-05-09). Attempts to pursue 'Taiwan Independence' doomed to fail: Foreign Ministry. Any attempt to pursue "Taiwan independence" under any pretext or in any form will not succeed, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said on Thursday. (2024-05-09). China signs AEO mutual recognition deals with Burundi, Iceland to boost trade. China has signed Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) mutual recognition agreements with Burundi and Iceland in Shenzhen city, South China's Guangdong Province, on Thursday to boost trade with the two countries. (2024-05-09). Xi says ready to jointly promote China-Hungary ties to higher levels. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed on Thursday his readiness to work with Hungarian President Tamas Sulyok to carry forward the traditional friendship, deepen political mutual trust, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.

Prof Zhang Jun (2024-05-09). Why China's diversified economy garners both praise and criticism. China has achieved economic success not just through repurposing Western technology but by rapidly upgrading and adapting it. Top-down management coexists with local autonomy and bottom-up innovation in the Chinese industrial ecosystem. (2024-05-09). Wheat enters harvest in Yunnan. Wheat crops enter harvest season on the bank of Dianchi Lake in Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan Province, May 8, 2024. (2024-05-09). Most valuable treasure in Nanjing Museum: Gold Beast. The Gold Beast, the most valuable treasure in Nanjing Museum, is 17.5 cm long, 16 cm wide, and 10.2 cm high, weighing 9,100 grams and containing 99 percent gold.

Kelly Le (2024-05-09). Tech war: China's use of RISC-V chip standard faces headwinds amid US scrutiny and Google's end of Android support. China's strengthened push to use RISC-V, an open-source chip-design architecture, is facing new risks amid scrutiny by the US and Google's move to stop supporting it on Android. (2024-05-09). Nation's self-developed satellite to launch service in HKSAR. As China's first self-developed satellite communications system, Tiantong will offer commercial mobile services in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Wednesday.

Khushboo Razdan (2024-05-09). New US and China climate envoys, seeking show of progress, meet for first time in Washington. Bilateral working group sessions meant to build on agreements reached last year and restore top-level engagement as pledged at Xi-Biden summit. (2024-05-09). China opposes U.S. sanctions against Chinese companies over Russia. China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises victimized by the recent U.S. sanctions, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday. (2024-05-09). China's foreign trade in first four months hits 13.81 trillion yuan. China's trade in goods in the first fourth months of 2024 recorded an increase of 5.7 percent year-on-year to reach 13.81 trillion yuan ($1.91 trillion), data from China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) showed on Thursday. (2024-05-09). Heavy rains may lead to floods in South, Southwest China. Torrential rains from Thursday to Sunday may leave more than a dozen rivers in southern China swollen above their flood warning levels, according to the Ministry of Water Resources. (2024-05-09). Insights | China and Europe: Growing cooperation and strong consensus against hegemony. The world today is intertwined with turmoiland changes, while multilateralism andcooperation are facing challenges ofprotectionism and confrontation. | Against this backdrop, growing coordination, dialogue and cooperation between China and France, as well as Europe are conducive to the transformation ofinternational landscapes. (2024-05-09). 9 dead, 2 hurt in Ningxia crash. Nine people died and two were injured in a car-truck crash in Qingtongxia, Ningxia Hui autonomous region on Thursday morning. (2024-05-09). China launches new satellite. China on Thursday launched a Long March-3B carrier rocket, placing a new satellite in space."ÄÄ… (2024-05-09). Xi says ready to jointly promote high-level development of China-Hungary ties. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed on Thursday his readiness to foster a good working relationship and friendship with Hungarian President Tamas Sulyok. (2024-05-09). China's foreign trade up 5.7% in first 4 months. China's foreign trade of goods went up by 5.7 percent year-on-year in the first four months of this year, customs data showed on Thursday. (2024-05-09). China committed to optimizing marine test sites. Over the past few years, China has strived to build a series of marine test sites across the country so as to better meet the needs for testing advanced marine equipment and contribute to the development of relevant emerging industries.

Finbarr Bermingham (2024-05-09). Chinese leader Xi Jinping's Serbia trip 'timed to increase tensions' with West, US envoy says. Xi's arrival and remarks published in Serbia coincided with 25th anniversary of US air strike that killed three Chinese journalists.

teleSUR, idg, DRL (2024-05-09). Visita de Xi Jinping a Hungría fortalece vínculos bilaterales. Xi Jinping, llegó este miércoles a Hungría, país donde concluye su gira europea, en una visita de trabajo que durará tres días.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2024-05-09). Honduras participará en Exposición de Pesquería y Mariscos en China. Honduras será país invitado de honor al evento en China.

newarab (2024-05-09). Why did China host unity talks between Fatah and Hamas. Last month, China While details of the meetings have been kept under wraps, leaks indicate that

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2024-05-07: News Headlines

teleSUR (2024-05-07). China Asks Israel to Stop Its Offensive Against Rafah. On Tuesday, China expressed its concern over the Israeli occupation forces' military offensive on Rafah and urged Israel to stop attacking Gaza. | RELATED: | "China is deeply concerned about Israel's ground military operations against Rafah. We earnestly urge Israel to heed the calls of the international community and cease its attacks," Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said, adding that Israel must make "every possible effort to… (2024-05-06). China, France oppose Israeli operation in Rafah. The heads of state of China and France oppose Israeli operation in Rafah, which will lead to a greater humanitarian disaster, the two countries said in a joint statement released on Monday. (2024-05-06). Xi elaborates on China's position on Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Ukraine crisis. Chinese President Xi Jinping outlined China's principled position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Ukraine crisis when he jointly met the press with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron here on Monday.

newleftreview (2024-05-07). Richard Beck: Bidenism Abroad. Panoramic survey of US foreign policy as Washington attempts to maintain its global hegemony in conditions of faltering growth. Containing China, confronting Russia, driving decarbonization: each of Biden's stated aims has been beset by insoluble contradictions from the outset, Richard Beck argues, now compounded by Israel's punitive war on Gaza.

Pepe Escobar, The Cradle. (2024-05-07). The Russia—Iran—China Search For A New Global Security Order. The Hegemon has no idea what awaits the Exceptionalist mindset: China has started to decisively stir the civilizational cauldron without bothering about an inevitable array of sanctions coming by early 2025 and/or a possible collapse of the international financial system. | Last week, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his list of delusional US demands was welcomed in Beijing by Foreign Minister Wang Yi and President Xi Jinping as little more than an annoying gnat. Wang, on the record, stressed that Tehran was justified in defending itself against Israel's shredding of the Vienna Convention when it attacke…

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-05-07). US-China to hold talks on climate change. Washington, May 7 (Prensa Latina) China's special envoy for climate change, Liu Zhenmin, will participate in a bilateral meeting in the United States to follow up on the climate agreements between Washington and Beijing.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-07). Expert underscores visa-free impacts for Chinese tourists in Cuba. Beijing, May 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's announcement of a visa exemption for Chinese tourists will increase exchanges and strengthen bilateral relations in several sectors, a specialized source said on Tuesday.

Bloomberg (2024-05-07). Pentagon's 'Switchblade 600' drone gets funding for China fight. A tank-destroying drone known for helping Ukraine push back on Russian advances is getting a major infusion of support.

latintimes (2024-05-07). Macron Takes Xi To French Mountains To Press Messages On Ukraine, Trade. French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday is to host Chinese leader Xi Jinping at one of his beloved childhood haunts in the Pyrenees mountains, seeking to press a message to Beijing not to support Russia's war against Ukraine and to accept fairer trade.

EcoWaste Coalition (2024-05-07). EcoWaste Coalition: 7 More Paints from China and Thailand Failed Laboratory Tests for Lead Content. 7 May 2024, Quezon City. The toxics watchdog group EcoWaste Coalition today announced that seven more imported paint products failed laboratory tests for lead content and should therefore be withdrawn from the market at once. | Based on the analyses carried out by SGS, a global testing company, seven products submitted by the EcoWaste Coalition last April exceeded the 90 parts per million (ppm) limit for lead in paint as specified under the DENR-issued Chemical Control Order (CCO) for lead and its compounds. Laboratory tests confirm lead in excess of 90 parts per million (ppm) on these seven imported paints | Acc… (2024-05-07). Return of Chinese tourists helps vitalize Europe's tourism market, economy. Deepening tourism cooperation between China and Europe will help vitalize the continent's economy, as tourism is one of its pillar industries.

Nancy Qian (2024-05-07). How TikTok's arrogance sealed its fate in America. Instead of tackling data fears and becoming a force for good in the tech industry, TikTok mobilised its users against the government, raising alarm at how easily a foreign-owned entity can exert political influence. (2024-05-07). China's Long March-6C rocket makes maiden flight. (2024-05-06). Full text of Xi's speech at the closing ceremony of the Sixth Meeting of the China-France Business Council. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday delivered a speech in Paris at the closing ceremony of the Sixth Meeting of the China-France Business Council. (2024-05-06). In Numbers: Highlights of China-France relations. (2024-05-07). China's newest rocket Long March 6C makes first flight. Long March 6C, the latest member in China's Long March carrier rocket family, conducted its debut flight on Tuesday morning, sending four small satellites into space. (2024-05-07). Full text of Xi's signed article in Serbian media. A signed article by Chinese President Xi Jinping titled "May the Light of Our Ironclad Friendship Shine on the Path of China-Serbia Cooperation" was published Tuesday in Serbian media Politika. (2024-05-06). Cargo drone begins carrying seedlings from Hainan. A large cargo drone transported 455 kilograms of seedlings for shrimp plants late last month from Haikou, Hainan province to Zhuhai, Guangdong province in less than three hours — the maiden cross-sea flight of a drone for public cargo logistics between the provinces. (2024-05-07). Culture Fact: Ancient book witnesses China-France cultural exchanges. (2024-05-07). Economic rebound expected to continue. China's economy is poised for a steady rebound throughout this year, underpinned by consumer-led recovery, a robust foundation laid in the first quarter, and the gradual stabilization of the property sector, experts said. (2024-05-07). Land-sea freight service adds new route to Los Angeles. A freight train carrying 360 metric tons of cargo departed from Ruijin in east China's Jiangxi Province for Los Angeles in the United States on Monday, marking the launch of a new land-sea freight route. (2024-05-07). Two dead, 21 injured following a stabbing incident at a hospital in SW China. Two people were killed and another 21 were injured following a stabbing incident at People's Hospital in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong, Southwest China's Yunnan Province on Tuesday. (2024-05-06). University strengthens cultural bonds with French schools. Students and members of the public in the French cities of Paris and Lyon recently got the opportunity to take part in a series of traditional Chinese cultural and sports events hosted by East China Normal University. (2024-05-06). National Center for Space Weather warns of strong solar flares in next few days. China's National Center for Space Weather on Sunday issued a solar flare warning as a strong solar flare (X1.3-class) erupted from the sun. Other strong solar flares may erupt in the next three days, the center said. (2024-05-06). Nations' example could help guide global relations. Raffarin expressed his satisfaction with the focus of the talks, recognizing their importance not just for France or China, but for the entire world. (2024-05-07). China's Long March-6C rocket completes maiden flight. China's Long March-6C carrier rocket completed its maiden flight on Tuesday, placing four satellites in space. It was the 520th flight mission of the Long March series rockets. (2024-05-07). Shanghai sees shopping spending cross $7 bln during holiday. Shanghai reported steady growth in both online consumption and physical-store spending, reaching 53 billion yuan ($7.35 billion) during the five-day May Day holiday, according to official data. (2024-05-07). China's EHang completes passenger-carrying eVTOL demonstration flight in UAE. EHang Holdings announced on Monday that its pilotless electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft EH216-S successfully completed its first passenger-carrying demonstration flight in Abu Dhabi, marking the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

Laura Zhou (2024-05-07). Emmanuel Macron offers China's Xi Jinping a taste of French hospitality at state dinner. Chinese president attends state dinner hosted by French counterpart after arriving in Paris for his first European tour in five years. (2024-05-07). Full text: China-France Joint Statement on the Situation in the Middle East. The following is the full text of a joint statement on the situation in the Middle East released by China and France on Monday.

Finbarr Bermingham (2024-05-07). Emmanuel Macron thanks Xi Jinping for 'commitment' not to sell arms to Russia. On first day of Chinese leader's European trip, French president also thanks him for supporting an 'Olympic truce' during the Summer Games in Paris. (2024-05-07). Xi says China-Serbia friendship to deliver more benefits to two peoples. Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China stands ready to make China-Serbia ironclad friendship deliver more benefits to the two peoples. (2024-05-07). China-Russia Expo offers dynamic platform for boosting trade, economic cooperation: MOFCOM. The China-Russia Expo, the highest-level and most extensive exhibition hosted by the two countries, has become a major platform for fostering industrial partnerships, and a pivotal avenue for local collaborative initiatives. (2024-05-06). Foreign tourist visits see holiday upsurge. The implementation of a series of more convenient immigration management policies has led to a dramatic upsurge in foreign tourist entries into China during this year's May Day holiday, injecting robust vitality into the interaction between people of the country and the rest of the world. (2024-05-07). Xi hails ever-growing ironclad China-Serbia friendship. Whatever changes in the international landscape, China and Serbia remain true friends and good partners, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his signed article published in Serbian media on Tuesday.

Ralph Jennings (2024-05-07). China's belt and road, once a hotspot for European investment, is getting the cold shoulder. As geopolitical changes have made working with China more risky than before, European firms have backed away from infrastructure projects linked with the Belt and Road Initiative. (2024-05-07). China, France should uphold independence, jointly fend off "new Cold War" or bloc confrontation: Xi. As the world goes through transformation and turbulence not seen in a century, China and France should uphold independence and jointly prevent a "new Cold War" or bloc confrontation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Monday. (2024-05-06). French firms urged to seize opportunities from China's development. President Xi Jinping said on Monday that entrepreneurs in France are welcome to participate in China's modernization efforts, and to seize opportunities arising from China's development as the country mulls significant moves to further deepen reform across various sectors. (2024-05-06). Xi attends closing ceremony of the sixth meeting of China-France Business Council with Macron. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday attended the closing ceremony of the sixth meeting of China-France Business Council together with French President Emmanuel Macron. (2024-05-06). Beijing, Paris to forge stronger ties. President Xi Jinping underlined on Monday the necessity for China and France to uphold independence and autonomy and jointly fend off a new Cold War or bloc confrontation, during talks with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris. (2024-05-06). EU urged to have fair perception of China. President Xi Jinping rejected on Monday the so-called "problem of China's overcapacity", saying that there is no such thing either from the perspective of comparative advantage or in light of global demand.

Bloomberg (2024-05-07). Alleged Chinese meddling spurs foreign agent registry in Canada. New law will require people lobbying on behalf of a foreign government to register that activity publicly. A public inquiry is looking into allegations China meddled in Canadian elections.

Anand Naidoo (2024-05-07). The Heat: President Xi's France State Visit. Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Europe this week and his first stop is in France. President Xi met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Monday. During the trip, he also met with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during a trilateral meeting at the Elysee Palace. | Joining the discussion: | (2024-05-07). China to add more intensive care beds in hospitals. China aims to increase the number of intensive care beds to 15 per 100,000 people nationwide, as well as the number of hospital beds that can be quickly converted to provide such care to 10 per 100,000 by the end of next year.

teleSUR, idg, JCM (2024-05-07). China, UE y Francia conversan de intereses comunes en París. Xi reafirmó que con la cooperación China-UE ambas partes saldrán beneficiadas, es una relación complementaria y mutuamente beneficiosa con amplios intereses comunes.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-07). Dirigentes juveniles de Cuba agredecen apoyo y solidaridad de China. Beijing, 7 mayo (RHC) Dirigentes juveniles de Cuba agradecieron hoy a la Liga de la Juventud Comunista de China (LJCCh) por su apoyo firme en la denuncia contra el bloqueo de Estados Unidos.

teleSUR, JCM (2024-05-07). Presidente Xi recuerda bombardeo de la OTAN contra embajada china. Presidente Xi comienza su visita a Serbia en el 25º aniversario del bombardeo de la embajada china por parte de la OTAN…

teleSUR, JCM (2024-05-07). El presidente de China, Xi Jinping, llega a Tarbes, Francia. Xi fue recibido en el aeropuerto por el presidente francés, Emmanuel Macron, y su esposa, Brigitte Macron.

teleSUR, idg, JCM (2024-05-07). Ataque con arma blanca deja dos muertos y varios heridos en China. En el incidente, ocurrido a las 13H20 hora local (05H20 GMT), resultaron heridos trabajadores y pacientes.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2024-05-07). Francia y China exigen tregua en los conflictos durante Olimpiadas. El presidente francés recalcó "el impacto de este conflicto sobre la seguridad europea".

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2024-05-03: News Headlines

Vijay Prashad (2024-05-03). The students will not tolerate hypocrisy: The Eighteenth Newsletter (2024). From universities to grassroots movements worldwide, young people are fighting back against the complicity in Israel's genocide of Palestians, setting up encampments and facing repression with resilience. This resistance is rooted in a long tradition to impose clarity upon a world encrusted by compromise, from the movement against apartheid in South Africa to China's May Fourth Movement.

Dongsheng News (2024-05-03). Overcapacity: The West's New Narrative against China. This week we would like to recommend to you a Chinese song from 1967 called Bravely March On, Arab People! (•ãÂãáÂâçËøõÔºåÈòøÊã≺؉∫∫Ê∞ë) in support of the pan-Arab movement. If you don't have a lot of time, this is what you should know: For China, Iran's attack on Israel was "an act of self-defense" The West's new …

teleSUR (2024-05-03). Chang'e-6 Mission Takes Off Towards the Moon's Far Side. On Friday, China launched the Chang'e-6 spacecraft to collect and return samples from the moon's far side — the first endeavor of its kind in the history of human lunar exploration. | RELATED: | A Long March-5 rocket, carrying the Chang'e-6 spacecraft, blasted off from its launchpad at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in province of Hainan at 5: 27 p.m. (Beijing Time). | Approximately 37 minutes after liftoff, the Chang'e-6 spacecraft se…

WSWS (2024-05-03). Democrats join with Republican fascists to witch-hunt scientist Peter Daszak. During Wednesday's House Subcommittee on COVID-19 with Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, Democrats joined ranks with fascistic Republican colleagues to promote the Wuhan lab-leak lies.

latintimes (2024-05-03). Apple Profit Ebbs As iPhone Sales Under Pressure. As expected, iPhone sales dropped with pressure growing from China and increased competition from Huawei.

tvbrics (2024-05-03). Trade volume between Iran and UAE may increase this year. The UAE is Iran's second most important trading partner after China…

tvbrics (2024-05-03). China and Egypt hold meeting to attract foreign investment. The visit aims to discuss possible Chinese investments in the Egyptian New Beni Suef city…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2024-05-03). The Russia—Iran—China Search for a New Global Security Order. Pepe Escobar While the collective west is in the grips of an existential legitimacy crisis, the RIC is devising its own security order to protect the rest of the world from the 'genocidals.' The Hegemon has no idea what awaits the Exceptionalist mindset: China has started to decisively stir the civilizational cauldron without bothering about…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2024-05-03). Are the BRICS and the New Development Bank an Alternative to the World Bank, IMF and Policies Promoted by Imperialist Powers? Eric Toussaint In recent years, the rightful rejection of the policies promoted by the traditional imperialist powers (North America, Western Europe and Japan), followed by the announcements made by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), have aroused great interest and expectations of major changes, including the creation of a common currency to…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2024-05-03). The Latest Danger from China: Too Much Clean Energy? This brief article by Friends of Socialist China advisory group member Stefania Fusero, originally published in Italian in Futura Società , brings some much-needed clarity to the question of US allegations concerning China's "over-capacity", particularly in green technologies such as renewable energy, electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries. Stefania rightly points out that, by demanding that China curtail…

EcoWaste Coalition (2024-05-03). EcoWaste Coalition Uncovers Mercury in 5 China-Made Skin Whitening Creams. Dangerous Cosmetics with Mercury Touted as "Key to Perfect Skin": | 3 May 2024, Quezon City. Following its recent exposé on five Pakistan-made mercury-containing skin- lightening products sold locally, the EcoWaste Coalition today announced it also detected mercury in five China-made cosmetics procured from an online seller. To protect human health and the environment, the group asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clamp down on dealers of mercury-added cosmetics being sold online. | The toxics watchdog group made the announcement ahead of the 5.5 online shopping sales to again draw attention t… (2024-05-03). China's third aircraft carrier begins its maiden sea trial. The CNS Fujian, China's third aircraft carrier, started its maiden sea trial on Wednesday morning, according to the People's Liberation Army Navy. (2024-05-03). 20th CPC Central Committee to hold its third plenary session in July. The third plenary session of the 20th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will be held in Beijing in July, according to a decision made at a CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting on April 30.

Alasdair Baverstock (2024-05-03). Shein, world's largest fashion retailer, expands in Mexico. E-commerce is more and more becoming the go-to method for shopping, as merchants who don't offer online purchases find themselves left behind. And more small and medium-size retailers are now getting a boost from online business — through a new program from a major player in the fashion world. | CGTN's Alasdair Baverstock reports.

Oiwan Lam (2024-05-03). Reporters Without Borders releases 10 facts about media repression in Hong Kong. Most of the national security charges are based on speech-related evidenceOriginally published on Image by Intern…

Jeffrey Wu (2024-05-03). How progress, not just profit, drives China's approach to industry. Rather than being out to undermine economies around the world, China's economic policy is based on foresight, efficiency and commitment to scale. Decoupling would not only disrupt supply chains but increase the cost of the global energy transition amid our ongoing climate struggle. (2024-05-03). China eyes closer economic links with GCC. Amid shifting global dynamics, China and the Gulf states are forging deeper economic connections, particularly in renewable energy, financial markets, and electric vehicles, experts have said.

Robert Delaney (2024-05-03). China-Russia military exercises near Taiwan force US to revise plans, intelligence chiefs say. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines says joint exercises show 'China definitely wants Russia to be working with them and we see no reason why [Russia] wouldn't'.

Sebastian Contin Trillo-Figueroa (2024-05-03). How greater EU autonomy can boost relations with China. Prioritising 'strategic autonomy' will let Europe engage with China on its own terms and avoid being held hostage to fluctuations in American leadership. Internal divisions within Europe, budget constraints and geopolitical challenges must be overcome to realise a new path forward. (2024-05-03). Largest aircraft carrier begins sea trial. China's third aircraft carrier, the CNS Fujian, is towed by a tugboat from the dock at China State Shipbuilding Corp's Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai on Wednesday, on its way to its first sea trial.

Nicholas Spiro (2024-05-03). Hong Kong's stock market rebound: dead cat bounce or durable recovery? Technical factors, like the unwinding of the 'Asia ex-China' trade, seem to be driving Hong Kong's stock rally, as opposed to underlying fundamentals. In the longer run, the narrative around China's economy and markets has to brighten considerably if Hong Kong stocks are to continue their recovery.

Ralph Jennings (2024-05-03). Taiwan, US enter 'harder' phase of trade talks as mainland China bristles. Trade talks between Taiwan and the United States for a phase-two deal have begun, with progress likely to be 'harder', analysts say, as more contentious topics fall under the microscope. (2024-05-03). In Numbers: China, Latin America brace for deeper ties. (2024-05-03). May Day holiday box office surges. Possessing the largest number of silver screens worldwide, China has again demonstrated its enthusiasm for movies with a soaring May Day holiday box office.

Associated Press (2024-05-03). Biden calls Quad partners Japan, India 'xenophobic', unwelcoming to immigrants, comparing them with rivals China, Russia. Japan is a critical US ally, while India, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, is a vital partner in the Indo-Pacific despite differences on human rights… (2024-05-03). Death toll rises to 36 after road collapse in South China's Guangdong. An aerial view of the collapsed section of highway in Meizhou, Guangdong province, that killed 24 people and injured 30 others when it gave way on Wednesday morning. The survivors, none with life-threatening conditions, are receiving treatment in hospitals. (2024-05-03). China to launch Chang'e-6 lunar probe Friday afternoon. Chang'e-6, China's spacecraft to venture to the moon, is scheduled to be launched between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. (Beijing Time) Friday, with the preferred launch window targeted at 5: 27 p.m., said the China National Space Administration. (2024-05-03). Palestinian groups hold 'positive talks' in Beijing. China on Tuesday said positive progress has been made during the recent talks between the two main Palestinian groups, Fatah and Hamas, in Beijing, and that they had jointly agreed to continue the process to achieve the solidarity and unity of Palestine at an early time. (2024-05-03). Comicomment: U.S. Section 301 investigation, brazen bullying on trade. The petition for the Section 301 investigation initiated by the United States into China's maritime, logistics, and shipbuilding sectors is full of false accusations. In the realm of international trade, the U.S. sets barriers to serve its own interests, breaching WTO rules and hindering the global economy. (2024-05-03). Data points to modest momentum for growth. China's manufacturing activity expanded for the second consecutive month in April, official survey results showed on Tuesday, pointing to a modest recovery in China's growth momentum, thanks to policy support and a gradual recovery in domestic demand. (2024-05-03). 48 dead in Meizhou highway collapse. Death toll up to 48 after road collapse in south China's Guangdong, Xinhua reported. (2024-05-03). Deepening of reform to top plenary agenda. The Communist Party of China Central Committee will hold its third plenary session in July in a significant move to comprehensively deepen reform and advance Chinese modernization, according to a decision made at a key Party meeting on Tuesday. (2024-05-03). China, Vietnam complete joint coast guard patrol. A three-day joint patrol conducted by Chinese and Vietnamese coast guards in the Beibu Gulf has been completed, playing a big role in maintaining the security and stability of the waters, according to China Coast Guard on Tuesday. (2024-05-03). Wang: China ready to boost ties with Argentina. China is willing to work with Argentina to "jointly steer the direction of the future development of relations between the two countries," Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday. (2024-05-03). Insights丨Erik Solheim: China's industrial ecosystem and highly-educated working class promote strong economic growth. China's GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2024 beat market expectations to reach 5.3 percent. What help China maintain its strong economic growth? And what can be learned? (2024-05-03). IMF raises growth forecast for Asia-Pacific. The International Monetary Fund has raised its growth forecast for the Asia-Pacific this year to 4.5 percent, largely based on improved outlooks for China and India.

The Independent (2024-05-03). Who is really betting against America? When China is making the world cleaner by providing quality electric vehicles (EVs) to global consumers, what has the United States been doing other than pointing the finger at China? Beijing, China | Yi Xin | In her recent trip to China, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen repeatedly blasted Beijing's industrial "overcapacity" for threatening the global …

Bloomberg (2024-05-03). TikTok argues how ByteDance protects children on Douyin is irrelevant to youth addiction lawsuits in the US. US lawyers representing young people and their families allege that the overseas version of TikTok protects children in China in ways that the US version does not. (2024-05-03). Xi directs rescue operation, safety overhaul following fatal road collapse in south China. Xi Jinping gives important instructions on rescue work after road collapse in Guangdong… (2024-05-03). Doctors care for 30 injured following Guangdong highway collapse. As of 2 pm Thursday, 30 individuals were undergoing treatment in the hospital, with no life-threatening conditions reported, after a road collapse in South China's Guangdong province, local authorities said at a briefing on Thursday afternoon. (2024-05-03). China opposes U.S. statement encouraging Taiwan's presence at WHA. China strongly deplores and firmly opposes the statement from U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he said the United States encourages the World Health Organization (WHO) to invite Taiwan's presence as an observer at this year's World Health Assembly (WHA), a foreign ministry spokesperson said Thursday.

Anand Naidoo (2024-05-03). The Heat: Global Economy.

teleSUR, idg, JDO (2024-05-03). China lanza nave espacial para investigar la cara oculta de la luna. El programa Chang'e comenzó con el lanzamiento de una primera sonda en el año 2007. Fue nombrado en honor a la diosa china de la Luna, como también se le conoce.

teleSUR (2024-05-02). China to Launch Chang'e-6 Lunar Probe on May 3. On Wednesday, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced that the Chang'e-6 lunar probe is scheduled for launch on May 3. | RELATED: | The probe is set to collect samples from the far side of the moon, making this mission the first of its kind in human history. | At present, preparations for the mission are progressing steadily at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in south China's Hainan Province, and the Long March-5 Y8 carrier rocket will soon…

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2024-05-02: News Headlines

Robert Delaney (2024-05-02). More Americans view China as an enemy, new Pew survey shows. Four out of five people who responded to the poll say their opinion of mainland China is unfavourable, about the same as last year.

Staff (2024-05-02). Chinese factories in Mexico on thin ice, Xi-Biden talks and the surprise tiny EV hit: 7 reads about US-China relations. Struggling US-China ties, a human rights shock and a student in big trouble: these are the highlights from the SCMP's overseas correspondents from April 2024.

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